Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Entertaining ~ The Impromptu Life

Some of the best times I've ever had in my life have been unplanned affairs. Spontaneous get-togethers that seemed to just fall into place. It seems true that when one is young, one is in constant readiness for a good time. Saying YES seems much less complicated.

A dictionary will tell you that impromptu means "not prepared in advance" or something "suddenly or hastily prepared".  But impromptu is actually a French word that comes from the Latin in and promptus which literally means "in readiness". 

For many years now I have enjoyed declaring that you have to be prepared to be spontaneous.  The idea at first seems a contradiction. And I don't mean merely having a willing spirit. I mean that one can order one's life in a way that allows for a departure from the norm, and always having a few things in actual readiness. Sort of like the overnight bag waiting for the going into labor, but much more fun!

 A few simple and savory things on hand really gets you all the way there. But for that extra je ne sais quoi, knowing where to get a crusty loaf or a special dessert at a moment's notice is a useful bit of information. A candle, and a plain linen cloth makes a simple occasion memorable. Voila!

Ready for fun Summer nights? Always!
Ciao! for now!



  1. So true! What a delightful setting and the graphic on the French baguette is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Some things are better spontaneous! Like bread wine and cheese.

  3. I agree, some things are always better spontaneous like wine, bread and cheese!

  4. A good lesson (and thanks for the etymology... who knew?) and so true. My husband and I are big believers in hospitality and we make sure we *always* have enough food in the house for unexpected-but-very-welcome guests.

    Likewise, I *always* carry some form of entertainment (a book or a notebook) in my purse lest I get stuck on public transport. Almost happened too - the Tube got stuck in the dark. It was like the opening scene of a cheap horror flick. All ended well, though :)

    This Good Life

  5. I think that unplanned and spontaneous events are always the best....less stress and more fun.

    Thanks for the lovely post.


  6. "Prepared to be spontaneous"...I agree! Great post.

  7. wine, cheese and a baguette...that will work for a get together! love the silver tray with the roses!!

  8. This works of me, Wine, Cheese, and french bread. Who could as for anything more....


  9. I agree! Yesterday I set aside all the work needing to be done, and called the family to come down. Fortunately they could, and we had a great time. Also want to say your Thursday retro post with the adorable map tray, cherry linens, and wicker basket and ice bucket was soooo cute! I was just catching up. love, Kay

  10. The setting is beautiful. Love the Paris napkins.

  11. What a delightful and thought provoking post! You are right, being prepared to be spontaneous is the key.

  12. i love the french definition of impromptu! it is a goal of mine
    to always have on hand something for last minute get
    togethers, but you have prompted me to take it to the next

    thank you!

  13. I agree with you here....I love this post Great photos as well!

  14. Agreed! This is our favorite way of entertaining!

  15. I love this post and I love the dinner! Bread cheese and fruit washed down with a glass of wine, what could be better.

  16. Very nice setting of the table..
    unplanned affairs turns out a lovely

  17. Hi J,
    I love spontaneous, way better than planned, and planned spontaneous is clever! Yummy!!


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