Friday, May 29, 2015

The Color Of Roses

All roses are beautiful, of course. I am always more than happy to bring a bunch home from the florist or grocery. But to me there is nothing more luxurious than a floppy bouquet of home grown roses.

We are suddenly into the real heat of summer. These blooms won't last but a day or so in the garden before they start showing signs of stress. But they last longer in a vase. Some drop their petals readily, and others age on the stem just beautifully.

This sunny blend of colors looks wonderful together.

Do you think that "a rose is a rose is a rose"? And as for Shakespeare's "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", some of my roses seem to have no scent at all! In the case of roses, I don't really think that "it is what it is" applies because of all the variety.

I'm just thrilled for the littlest bit of bloom that lives in my own yard bringing beauty and cheer.

I put this pitcher of roses near a window to give it more light for the camera and ended up getting a little more drama than I expected. But isn't life just like that?

In this case, the drama is a good thing! A little artful and romantic. And the bonus is that this version of our garden bouquet can never fade!

All peaches and creams!

And a tad of buttery yellow. Yum!

So nice that you stopped by for a look at my shabby roses!

And it's Friday!!!

Hope it's a great weekend for you!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Refuge In White

The weekend folds itself up for ordinary business in much the same way that it unfolded.

Everything is tidied up and put back into order.

There is solace in the place quieting itself again, and in the ritual of marking the days until it becomes lively again. 

We have begun the comfortable evolution of our summer ways.

After the miles of meals and busy clutter of people in the house, I take refuge in the softness of white.

A lacy tablecloth pleases my senses, and a few gathered things cheer my heart. They make me think of pound cake and lemonade under the backyard canopy. . . .

Time for fresh flowers to fill a big jug. 

Maybe it's this dried lemon, but all I can think of is lemon desserts! 

So lovely that there are weeks and weeks ahead for all that. . . .

I hope this last week of May is a beautiful one for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend At the Shop~Cabin & Cottage at Je L'Adore!

Nothing stays the same for long, but I thought you might enjoy a peek at the latest look of the shop. As might be predicted, I am loving getting into the summer whites! Enjoy!

I hope it's a gorgeous weekend for you!

 In addition to having family in, I'll be looking out for more vintage goodies myself!

 See you on the other side!

Happy Days!