Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lazy Days & Shabby Flea Finds

The lazy days of summer have definitely kicked in. I'm offline more than usual, and off enjoying the hot weather most weekends. But between travel and campouts I'm out hitting the fleamarkets and thrift stores when I can because it's a prime time to score the goods while every one else is on vacation!

I'm showing just a couple of bits of china that turned up to charm me this week. This little gravy dish will be perfect for spoons on the table when granny camp happens any minute now. (I better find some energy somewhere for those four-to-nine year olds!) No time for thrifting when that happens.

I've got quite a few bits of "this and that" to keep my new pieces company like these orphaned rosy Limoges saucers. Enjoy the dish parade. . . .

The peonies are the same ones from the last time I posted them. I left them in the fridge while I was away for the weekend. Magic!

I found this small ironstone bowl with a blue rim and rose on the side just before a camping trip and took it right along with me! It's certainly sturdy enough!

Any plans for your last weekend in June?
It all goes so fast!
Happy lazy days ahead!


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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shabby Pink Desk

It was a fun weekend for me. I did a little impromptu creating, and got out to do a little junking as I often do.

I'm thrilled to find little inspirations like my lucky little cement garden lion that I'm featuring a little more of in this post. When I first found it I thought it would be perfect perched on a pretty desk. And then a couple of days later, I found just the desk!

The word "pretty" is relative, of course. This primitive pink painted  lift top desk might be too rustic for you, but I am thrilled crazy over it. And Mr. cottage is too. It's really pretty large, and so I have to think about where to put it, and whether I can actually keep it or not.

It's posing for shots in my entryway for now. I couldn't wait to dress it up!

There's a good bit of storage inside where you can also see how it's really quite old. The pink paint wash is the only finish it has ever had, and is quite old too. So classically shabby chic!

My lion seems quite at home on top.

And here's a little more detail of his endearing features.

The desk has a little lip that is perfect for displaying books and for keeping a pencil from rolling off. Botanicals seem like a natural here. I have a little vintage doily peeking out too.

A few more shots of different things I tried out on the desk top. . . .


And here's a few peeks of a wonderful tin tile that I discovered junking too. I almost never pass one up when I find it painted in chippy white. So many ways to display with these!

It would make a great posting board here.

Love that beautiful vintage detail and texture!

I hope you had a fun weekend too!
Have a great new summer week ahead!


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage Summer

If you could feel the dry heat right outside of my door you would understand why I feel so lucky to have a few stems of these gorgeous pale pink peonies inside. They do not grow in this climate, and if they did it would be a big challenge for someone like me who loves a garden, but who doesn't garden, to produce any.

I took the advice of Michele at The Nest at Finch Rest, and am keeping them in the fridge overnight or when I am not at home. They are loving it! And I, of course, am loving them for a little longer! Thank you Michele!

I also thought I would share a couple of cheery vintage aprons that I found at one of my routine stops yesterday. The first is a faded pink cotton pique with a polished cotton rosebud chintz pocket for flair. So cottagey!

Don't you just love pretty pockets?

But before I show the second apron I want to show you a small painted cement garden figure of a sleeping lion that I also found at the same market.

The figure is only about eight inches in length. It's quite old, and very well done. Though it has taken a beating, it is amazingly soft to touch and rather finely rendered. I will keep it close by. Perhaps on a desk top.

I think it has long been treasured indoors, and I, myself, am already irrationally attached to it. It already feels like my personal lucky lion.

The second apron reminds me of my pink peonies. It was made by an excellent seamstress out of three different materials. The skirt and printed trim are two of the obvious ones. 

The third fabric is found at the waistband in a white organdy rather than the fine cotton of the rest of the piece.

The small details like the tiny ric rac so carefully applied, the pinked seams, and the scalloped hem, always enchant me when I find them in such a commonplace object. One that is actually designed for work, and protection.

But the most interesting aspect to me is that the two ties are also different on each side! One in white, and the other in the floral print. It's only a guess, but I imagine that the seamstress was economizing beautifully and originally with what was at hand. I only noticed the differences when I took the time to iron.

I love the enchantments of vintage objects.
 They sing their siren song to me, and I am taken in every time.
Or rather, they are taken in. . . .

I hope you're enjoying a vintage summer!
Happy weekending ahead!


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