Tuesday, December 22, 2020

From My Threshold to Yours

Seasons greetings my friends! Here we all are after a difficult year. We think of Christmas as a joyous time, rightly so. And we strive so much to make it so. 

I learned a lifetime ago that no matter our actual circumstances on December 25th, Christmas Day arrives on schedule to the rest of the world. It can be a hard time for people. Desperately hard. And at times has been so for me, and no doubt many of you as well. 

I  have also learned that Christmas is a lot more fun with children, and sweeter with family gathered all around! But that won't be how we celebrate this year.

So now, more than ever I have needed all the lovely choral music. The exquisite sound of many and varied voices raised together in soulful celebration. The heartwarming stories of hopefulness, sharing, and love that make my heart swell so much this year.

I am seeing old favorite films with newer eyes as the time passes, and especially now. Cards and calls and greetings mean more to me in 2020, and I find myself more grateful for things large and small.

I need more brightness and light just now. More purposeful joy. The kind that you have to put there yourself. 

More walks in the fields. More good food that you cook yourself. More thoughtfulness, more kindness. More gazing at stars.

The smallest bits of Christmas decor remain in boxes. It is a macro year of greens and wreaths, and lights that have gone up gradually and are easy to do (or not) by whim. The tree has only just gone up. And all the undone things given their peace.

Only goodness, and as much cheer as we can muster will be allowed across the threshold heaven willing. Another pot of New Mexico posole and tamales on the stove. A walk in the old town and a drive to see lights. Wood fires, and the vibrant scent of cedar and pine. 

A raised glass or two, and many good thoughts: of good family, good friends, and loved ones lost.

My best and heartfelt wishes to all of you, near and far.

Thank you so much for all of your very kind words and thoughts.

Peace and Joy come to you,



Saturday, September 5, 2020

Cozying Up To Fall

There are so many small beautiful changes in the season! Fall in New Mexico holds so much richness and fullness to enjoy, as is probably true everywhere. And I so much appreciate all of you who left such kind words in the comments of my last post as well. As hard as it can be to keep on sharing when all is not right with the world, there can be such a gift in the simple exchange of thoughts and expressions of sympathy. So thank you so much for touching my heart.

Autumn is the coziest of seasons. And it seems like fall is the perfect time to feature this vintage apple shaped cutting board. I love the warm wood tones against all the white.

This little lace doily is a new find. I don't imagine I will ever give up collecting something so unique and pretty that gives so much delight!

Rearranging a shelf top vignette is a sort of rite of passage when the weather changes, and I think more of us are using what we already have. Although, these small tallow berry sprigs are new to me this season too.

I have so many things tucked away, like this birdie transferware plate, that don't seem to get much prominence of place for some reason. I really love bird motifs in everything.

I was lucky to find a few small linens at the fleamarket recently for an amazing price! This hefty linen piece was the prizewinner at under three dollars. (The little doily was .50!) 

I like using table coverings with a substantial weight and feel. And that perfectly creamy color is just that extra something added!

Embossed white china is always high on my list of delights as well, and I have a bit of a collection of mismatched pieces that I have accumulated over time. 

The mix of textures brings a surprising warmth to a mostly white display.

The tablecloth underneath everything is from the Jeanne d'Arc Living collection.

The postcards are from the art of Helen Buttfield. They came from a book of tear out cards published in 2000 that I have had for some time, but she has botanical art still around and available to buy if you are interested. I collected a few different versions in the past. They make for interesting insertions into vignettes, and of course you can send them too!

I used one of her designs in this shadow box display made from an old wooden clock case that can be changed up for different occasions.

I also pulled out this biscuit jar for fall that doesn't usually get seen much either. (I actually keep little cookies squirreled away in these as was their original intention! But, shhhh!)

So these are some of my first moves toward decorating for fall. I'll be on the lookout for dried leaves and sprigs to use while out on my walks these days. How about you?

You may have seen this poster around lately of the Beatles song. There are different versions I've seen. This one is large poster size and we have it hanging in our front hall for now. It made us both cry. Good therapy. I love the tree drawing, and the lettering. The song goes around in your head all the time. Can you hear it too? It seems like a good autumn thing too.

Thanks so much for visiting!

I hope you are enjoying some fall pleasures too!

Happy September!


Monday, August 31, 2020

Slipping Into September

Summer is still thundering outside as I write this. The summer months can bring a lot of drama instead of rain during our monsoon season. Yes, they call it that in New Mexico, even though a fifty percent chance of rain can only mean that someone's windshield in town will get dirty sometime during a hot afternoon when the sky clouds over. If only we did have a real shield from the wind!

One cannot leave an unattended sun umbrella up, or a plastic wading pool on the lawn without risking it ending up in a neighbor's yard while you are not keeping an eye on it. We even lost a tin shed forever one turbulent afternoon long ago. But we never have hurricanes. Or tornadoes. At least almost never.

I know it's no joke. My heart goes out to those suffering disaster during our times. Our times. Our times make each turning season into more than it would otherwise be. And now, an unfamiliar seeming September has arrived.

On the one hand I am numb. There is only so much one can do about the World except regarding what lives in your garden or sits in your own pantry. We have been careful in our community, and many conveniences are available again, since we have always had everything that we really needed anyway. And we have also become accustomed to some of the new realities.

I usually rebel against pumpkins in August, but this year it seems just fine! I know its all going to pass in a blur anyway. And white pumpkins are so smooth and pretty and fine.

My son just came in to announce that there is enough rain falling now to get things wet out there! Well, adios to another lovely but sizzling August! It is a fine way to say goodbye.

You may remember a line by Karen Blixen in Out of Africa when she becomes ill and trials befall her. (What an archaic word, befall!). She says, "...the earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road." Slipping into September feels that way to me. Just sliding into yet another day on the calendar. And another. And another. Small enough chunks for me to manage.

My dear man is sick, and we have hard days ahead, as so many of us do. I have a very sad heart like Gladys Taber did when she wrote of September in The Book of Stillmeadow. "I felt the earth turning under my feet," she wrote, "and I felt the goodness of life above and under all the sad things." And it is our moment now to feel these things too if we can. And I hope we do.

The short rain has now finished for today. And there will be a cooling dusk before the day is done. And tomorrow brings September.

From my heart to yours,