Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Romantic White

"Romance comes in many guises,

from fairytale to boudoir,

and can therefore be adapted to suit a variety of tastes.

It is not a look anchored in practicality,

but a means of escape to whisk you away from the humdrum of everyday life.

Put simply, romance is an antidote to the frenetic world in which we live.

While there are no hard and fast rules to interpreting a romantic white theme,

the key to keeping it contemporary and livable is to make it relaxed and pretty. . . .

. . . Nostalgia is the essence of romance. . ."

Atlanta Bartlett, from At Home With White

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tea With a French Twist

We're all familiar with the traditional English tea.

But do you ever think of the teas of France? My inspiration comes from an article in the September '93 issue of Victoria Magazine.

As I learned, a French tea is likely to include savories as well as sweets, and the beverage is often taken in bowls as is a latte or morning chocolate.

A complete table with linens will be set even in small wayside cafes.

Most of us in the states make tea a party-like event rather than a daily ritual.

So next time you plan a tea, maybe French style would be a fun way to go.

I got these latte bowls a few years ago from Dean and Delucca. They seem cumbersome for anything but breakfast in the summer, but when the chilly weather sets in, it's a great feeling to cradle a steaming bowl in your hands.

My teapot is heavy American porcelain, and the teacup is old cafe ware by Mayer named Oakland. It's the only one I have of my bits and pieces. It's perfect for the new season with it's acorns and oak leaves.

I also use this vintage Portuguese majolica tile as a trivet this time of year. The thistle pattern is one of my favorite motifs. And the color is so yummy!

And my centerpiece includes a vintage transferware bowl of a few lemons that I am in the process of drying. I began in the spring, and they are not yet as hard as they need to be, even in this desert air! When they are finished they will be hard and brown.

I enjoy any chance to get out my French monogram table linens. They are a nice contrast to the smooth silk Quaker Lace tablecloth underneath everything. I love the subtle touch of red.

My creamer and sugar is Royal Albert English bone china. I wish I had some fall colored Limoges to go with it!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Montage Monday

A blue montage for your Monday!

French blue with lacy linens.

Perfect Mason with Bluebird china on filet rose lace.

Zinc buckets of vintage clothespins. H-E-A-V-E-N!

Have a Ball with blue glass jars! (Or is it have blue glass jars with Ball?)

How can a day go bad when you start by gazing into a cup of Robin's egg blue!

French blue faux cane spindle back chair.

The real McCoy in quilt patterned blue!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010


The sun rises every morning here the way it does elsewhere. But in Albuquerque, the hot air balloon capital of the world, in the land of enchantment, the dawn brings balloon rise as well. Each day finds a small cluster of wafting color overhead in the distance.

In my part of town, a hot air balloon often soars directly overhead, and can just as easily land in your own back yard.

The annual balloon fiesta commences in October. Meanwhile another local phenomenon is planted firmly on the ground. One that leaves YOU feeling buoyant instead.

It is the ethereal Casa Rondena Winery. When you visit, don't look for these structures any where else in New Mexico. But this winery's unique Southern Spain/North African architecture unites in an estate no less delightful to savor than a fine wine.

I get to drive past the grounds a few times a week, and the beauty never fails to give me a little lift. I enjoy bringing visitors on the weekends now and then, and I can't imagine a more perfect time to visit than late summer.

Enjoy a few enchanting scenes from the winery grounds.

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