Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea With Vera the Mouse & Friends

Some of you may remember our friend Vera from Marjolein Bastin's books. She has many delightful friends, and some of them are my friends too.

Whenever they come for a visit we get out the tea things. Naturally.

Life always gest interesting when Vera comes to visit. She has such an original way of doing things. Like camping out in a flower pot!

But she can be very down to earth and have a simple tea with us.

It seems like everyone comes when Vera is about. We have to buy lots of milk for everyone.

And yummy goodies too!

But is there anything lovelier than a tea with friends in Summer?

I hope your Tea Time is wonderful too!
Ciao! for now!


Join more friends for tea at
Tea Time Tuesday


  1. That sure does look good and I love your china. You have the prettiest things.

  2. This post is just charming, Jacqueline...wish I could join you for tea!

  3. Oh, how cute this is. I remember seeing a tea set for children called Brambley Cottage or something like that. I was thinking this little mouse was in it. I always loved that little china tea set. You reminded me of it with this post. Your tea is lovely you china charming and it was so nice to visit with Vera.

  4. Have always loved Vera Mouse. I am sure she would love your teaset as I do.

  5. What darling little books! The tea cups are lovely and delicate but the mouse will be careful I am sure:-)

  6. You've discovered a wonderful pairing ~ Vera and vintage china! Simply beautiful!
    'hugs from afar'

  7. I would love to have tea with you and Vera anyday! Your tarts look just wonderful on your pretty china Jacqueline.
    sending hugs...

  8. Jacqueline, I love Vera the Mouse and all of Marjolein's drawings. Your teacups are so pretty - love the yellow one as it looks similar to one of mine. Have a great day!

  9. Jacqueline,
    How lovely! Every thing is set for the perfect tea party! Your china, the pastries, and of course, your special guest! Sweet post!
    Thanks for visiting and the sweet comment!

  10. How cute!!! I love Vera and those tarts look sooo yummy! love the teacups too!
    XXX Ido

  11. Hello Jacqueline,
    such a cute post. I am sure, vera would love to come for tea and would enjoy very much your sweet cookies. Thank you for sharing this wonderful china and the cute story.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. What a sweet and charming post! Made me smile-big.

  13. I believe next time Vera goes traveling, she must drop in here and pick me up so we can both show up on your doorstep. I love your post. The cups are amazing - wow. So adorable. xo marlis

  14. Hi J and Vera,
    Loved sharing tea today, and love those top views into those gorgeous cups!! Yummy pastries:-)) Our teapots kinda match:-)
    Yes roaddside flowers, I grew them once, but they didn't repeat, on the roadside though they are everywhere!

  15. I love these illustrations, the books are so charming...what a nice way to share them with us. And the tea looks scrumptious!

  16. Awww, so charming....Vera and her friends are a delight. Thanks for the photos of the yummy treats and gorgeous dishes! Such a nice repsite in my day, Jacqueline~

  17. your china makes my heart sing and skip a beat...lovely...those cakes are so cute! They look kind of like the maids of honor a bit. Great post and have a fabulous tea!

  18. Your posts and photos always delight me!

  19. Thanks for reminding me how lovely it is to have a proper afternoon tea. I'm going to follow your lead and invite my bear for tea with me this afternoon. PS, I have that teapot too :-)

  20. I'd forgotten about Vera and Her Friends...Haven't read them for years. I used to be a kindergarten teacher where they were a favorite. I love all her books! Thanks for the reminder and the lovely tea with Vera you let me share!

  21. I adore Vera! (and Marjolein Bastin!) I have a little Vera paperdoll on my refrigerator. Your tea tarts look delicious!

  22. Where oh where did you get those gorgeous tarts!? Did you make them? Will you share the recipe? Love Vera and love this blog. Thanks so much!

  23. Hi Jacqueline,
    I just love your teacups, especially the yellow one; beautiful! Your tarts look delish. Vera is darling and I have always enjoyed her stories. A charming post! Thank you for sharing with Tea Time and enjoy the rest of your week.



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