Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Working With Linens

I don't do this as much anymore really. Work with linens. It's a phase that I have moved a bit away from since I am less involved with selling vintage these days. But it gives me great satisfaction when I do. And it is something I love that can never leave me.

I still acquire new things like this beautiful hand crocheted pillowcase in a design that I have never seen before. And that creamy color!

There was just the one, carefully put away for safe keeping no doubt. But it is now the stuff of dreams when it graces a cozy guest bed.

My recent summer guests have just vacated the premises, and it only takes a day or so before I am back to sorting things out in the linen nursery again. I have given a few new pillowcases a soak and couldn't wait to give them a press to see how they turned out after.

I thought I was done with pink, but here I am again!

A heartbeat did not go by before these were in my shopping basket. And the pink is just an accent color after all! But along with the pink, a few other things have gone. The suitcase of small toys under the bed. A trove of baby things and small girl stuff. And armloads of pieces of linen things that I have been trying to tell myself the truth about since my sewing days are over.

I have a way to go, but you should feel how liberating it is. Moving along to someone else things that you will never use makes so much more room in your head. (Not to mention in your house!)

 I will always have stacks of baskets. Stacks of dishes. Stacks of linen. But beautiful things in boxes don't make any more sense to me than boxes of books. They should be kept where they can be enjoyed or else given way.

It takes some consideration and care because I do regret having let some things go. 

So there will always be linen days for me.

And one or two things on the nursery window sill from bygone days to keep me company.

I have always sorted out more than just linens at this ironing table anyway. . . .

Many more lovely summer days ahead to you!


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My New Ironstone and Summer Farmhouse Dreams

July does it for me every time! Gives me that summer farmhouse feeling. Thank goodness you don't have to have an actual farmhouse to get it! (the feeling that is), elsewise wherever would some of us be?

Just a few props are needed. Blue dishes will help. I have one solitary piece of these blue bird plates, faded to just the right stage.

I love the crackled and crazed stage of ironstone too.

I gathered up this stack of small flour sacks together. I always think I will use them for something. (I could.) But I love the look of a little stack of them just sitting there in a neat pile. Our grandmothers used them for everything!

A grain sack table runner and old woven tablecloth holds it all underneath.

This little tureen is my most recent ironstone find. It is a very old sample with lovely details, and fits the bluebird platter perfectly. 

It was the beautifully aged and stained maker's mark that won me over.

Made over 150 years ago, and we can still use it the same way today.

Another old piece I just found may be just as old. It was only four and a half dollars. Already a star in my pitcher collection!

Great unique shape and rim and handle details.

A few unique scraps of antique hand worked linens in the mix too. They add so much to the story!

Happy summer farmhouse dreams to you too!

I hope July is good to you!


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Summer Days Around the House

Hello Friends! We've been carried away on a tide of events this spring, where leisure time and our usual pursuits have taken a back seat. But I have missed my blogging friends! You who are always welcome to come and share in the simple and cozy cottage life with me.

It's pretty casual, but cottage living should always be informal and comfy with a few pleasurable things to look at. Our stream of summer guests just settle in. I just got tired of waiting for the right moment to happen and picked up the camera to share my day with you!

I love simple flowers in bunches for the table. I know some of you go out your back door and gather up some of your own, but we mostly get our flowers at the market. This time it's stocks and cheery chamomile!

Not much focus on indoor decor lately. Just a bit of shifting around and finding nonexistent places for things in this tiny house.

The lines between indoors and out get blurred anyway this time of year as we spend as much time as we can outside.

The doors are open early to let in the cool morning air, and then shut up again as soon as the day gets too warm.

But as soon as the sun goes down the doors are flung open again for the cool evening air in our dry New Mexico climate. (Not very buggy either!)

Mornings on the east patio are best for starting the day with a sweet breeze and birdsong. Sometimes this space looks spectacular, but right now we are lucky to have a bit of color in a pot or two alongside the herb pots.

It's another bitty cozy place to nestle into in the fleeting early hours, either alone with your thoughts or with a bit of good company. Today started with a bit of breakfast chocolate to drink for me. Yum!


By ten o'clock it's already getting a bit too hot.

Geraniums are one of the sure things for pots out here.

And just a few fresh herbs right outside the door are perfect for us!

This English boxwood has been in the same pot for a few years now. But then we can only have something no-fuss, since we do not really garden.

Right about now it would be time for a grand tea party for granny camp! But our teen and pre-teen girls are spread far and wide this summer.

So we have scheduled some tree and lawn work instead! (It's sort of endless.)

The roses are between bloom, but we have a hollyhock starting to peek out.

And an occasional bunny, squirrel, or roadrunner slips through the garden gate, in case you think nothing much happens here any more! Haha!

We are just settling into these lovely early days before the real heat sets in. . . .

Hope it's lovely soon for all of you too!

Blessed days ahead!


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