Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Pretty Mix of Linens & Laces

I got lucky with linens this week and found an amazing assortment of lovely things.

I usually buy pieces that are already in good condition, but I always launder and press items in order to cover every square inch to find any hidden flaws. This matching pair of pillowcases passed inspection!

After freshening them up I laid out all the new pieces for a better look in the nursery. One thing always leads to another in here, and I couldn't help noticing a theme. I thought maybe you would like to have a look too!

The real excitement started for me with this scrumptious knitted bedspread that I found. I just couldn't believe how lucky it was to find it in absolutely perfect condition!

I kept on layering so I took care to get a shot of it before it got all covered up. What a wonderful piece of work made in squares, one stitch at a time, on tiny little knitting needles and then sewn all together. Just blows my mind at the patience required for that.

I also turned up another single white pillowcase with crocheted trim. These unmatched pieces always look so pretty together on a bed. 

I laid a dark sheet of card stock underneath the narrow lace so you could see it better. So delicate and pretty.

What you are seeing laid over everything is a gorgeous fine linen tablecloth with napkins worked in cross-stitched roses. The cloth has a couple of very faint stains on it even after soaking so I know it was indeed once loved and used. The napkins had storage discoloration which laundered out very nicely.

I think it would also make a lovely dressy coverlet on a bed, and so I laid it out to see how it would look that way. It's just so gorgeous to look at. (I ironed this baby out myself, people! It's not bad if you make sure it is still pretty damp after washing.)

I love that the napkin roses are just in bud.

And the sweetest little boudoir pillow cover turned up for me this week too. Almost makes me dizzy! I already had the perfect sized insert for it too. You can see the ball fringe at the corners better in some of the pictures further on a bit. The back side is a loose weave cotton like that small inset on the front.

I just love the look of mixed ivories and whites laid all together.

Finally, here is the softest pretty crocheted table cover shown as a throw under everything. I love these peeking out almost anywhere. This one is round.

I don't think that much of this handwork is being done anymore in our times. And I feel so lucky to be part of gathering it up to be appreciated before it disappears forever.

 I hope you enjoyed the linen show today!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Vintage Summer Finds

I thought you might enjoy a look at a few things that I turned up over the last couple of weeks! 

I took this market tote with me to a small local vintage show and picked up a few small linens. I wish I could have filled it up! But I did find this fab little wine crate in a junk shop that I almost never visit. I love the lettering. 

So many ways to display with it. Looks great all on its own too.

This is one of the new small linens that I found. 

But my favorite linen finds came from one of my regular flea market visits a few days ago. I just love thick towels with hand crochet trim.

And aren't these monograms wonderful? I don't even know what that second one is! Care to guess?

I don't have a scale collection. (If you can believe that!) But this one ticks off all the "must have"  boxes for me. 

Did you spy this great little kitchen clock sitting there? No longer working, but in the perfect stage of foxing and aged white. Makes my heart go tick tock!

A sweet friend just gifted me this adorable ironstone pitcher. Love those curves. 

I found this little stool at the vintage market show. Always great for displays.

I adore everything about this pretty sugar creamer set by Meakin. 

And this little bunch of tiny doilies that I got for pennies can tuck in anywhere.

This little zinc pitcher was the only thing I came away with at one of my regular markets. It's keeping company with another grey enamel pitcher I already had. Makes me feel so summer farmhouse!

Everything gets shifted around a bit of course, and I have changed up what I am now looking at in my dining room wall frame.

I use tear sheets from old magazines here and there. Love these summery images from Bella Grace.

I hope you're beating the heat and those wild summer storms!

More happy summer days ahead!


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Working With Linens

I don't do this as much anymore really. Work with linens. It's a phase that I have moved a bit away from since I am less involved with selling vintage these days. But it gives me great satisfaction when I do. And it is something I love that can never leave me.

I still acquire new things like this beautiful hand crocheted pillowcase in a design that I have never seen before. And that creamy color!

There was just the one, carefully put away for safe keeping no doubt. But it is now the stuff of dreams when it graces a cozy guest bed.

My recent summer guests have just vacated the premises, and it only takes a day or so before I am back to sorting things out in the linen nursery again. I have given a few new pillowcases a soak and couldn't wait to give them a press to see how they turned out after.

I thought I was done with pink, but here I am again!

A heartbeat did not go by before these were in my shopping basket. And the pink is just an accent color after all! But along with the pink, a few other things have gone. The suitcase of small toys under the bed. A trove of baby things and small girl stuff. And armloads of pieces of linen things that I have been trying to tell myself the truth about since my sewing days are over.

I have a way to go, but you should feel how liberating it is. Moving along to someone else things that you will never use makes so much more room in your head. (Not to mention in your house!)

 I will always have stacks of baskets. Stacks of dishes. Stacks of linen. But beautiful things in boxes don't make any more sense to me than boxes of books. They should be kept where they can be enjoyed or else given way.

It takes some consideration and care because I do regret having let some things go. 

So there will always be linen days for me.

And one or two things on the nursery window sill from bygone days to keep me company.

I have always sorted out more than just linens at this ironing table anyway. . . .

Many more lovely summer days ahead to you!


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