Sunday, July 24, 2011

On Floors & Behind Doors ~ Sunday Musings

Months ago someone asked for me to show more detail on my Santo.

It was one of those things you keep in a corner of your mind that you intend to do someday.

Sometimes it actually does get done.

Much of the time it just gets put away somewhere, and before you know it December has turned into July. Or almost August. Or 2015.

I have corners of my house this way too. Filled with "someday" things, and possesions that never get their day in the sun. Almost every household does. Certainly every antiques dealer's home.

Besides the "someday" objects, there are plenty of items at rest. Finding a peaceful corner until they are called into action. We look at these belongings almost everyday without seeing them. Here are a few of mine. . . .


The mesmerist cat, my brother-in-law's painting, and a broken clock.

A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life.
 Not guilty. Hope you're having fun!
Ciao! for now!



  1. Ohhh, JAcqueline! STUNNING!! So love the garden art. You have a beautiful home.
    Have a beauatiful week.
    TTFN ~

  2. You have so many beautiful things and your home looks like a wonderful antique store. I love it! I particulary love the sweet painting of the garden in the dark wood frame. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Pamela

  3. All I can say is WOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I come over with a shopping basket:)

  4. Your photographs take my breath away. So beautiful. I especially love the candlesticks. Dianne

  5. You final quote sums it up...I agree!! Love the bust of the reading girl! I also have the same sun dial :)
    Have a lovely day~

  6. The first little painting stole my art. Very charming and precious. You have alot of 'unseen' beautiful treasures.

  7. Hey J,
    What a fun post today!
    First I love the quote, I have way too much fun stuff to do to be a clean freak:-)
    You have loads of cool treasures, I am as mesmerized as the cat! Love the honey crock and etched mirror, but the grim reaper sun dial is heavenly (haha).
    Hope your weekend was great, we are still basking in the sun you sent:-)

  8. Hi Jacqueline! I loved seeing snippets of your beautiful home. The Santos is fabulous and I adore the vintage suitcases and baskets.

  9. J-

    Beautiful blog.

    I will add you to my favorites blog roll...and am delighted, extremely, to be on your favorites.
    Wonderful aesthetic...I can see why you are so popular.
    cheers, DIANE

  10. Ohhh my goodness, your house is filled with beautiful things... !


  11. Oh, what lovely treasures await the daylight in your home!!!!

  12. Such beautiful treasures that you have collected. We adore the Santos...just beautiful! Angela and Renee


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