Monday, November 28, 2016

Folding Up November

The girls were last to leave. My only daughter and her three little clones.

I get a lump in my throat as they all drive off. They don't live all that far away, but sometimes I want to be that other lucky grandma who lives next door!

The rooms heave a silent sigh that would sound like the timbers of a groaning ship if it could be heard by the human ear. Instead, it is only felt by the heart.

Then comes the folding up. The gathering of stray socks and power cords. A toy. A brush. So reliably found afterward. But the nursery is once again all mine.

 I do very little ironing this time. Just a fold of barely damp linen to press itself smooth in the stacks and drawers.  

It's also time to lay aside my autumn colors. The only time these pumpkin hues see my tables is late summer through the fall. 

Say goodbye to November!

This big tablecloth (old season William-Sonoma) was just folded slightly damp dry as well. Good enough! I did take a hot iron to the Italian linen pumpkin colored napkins though. So nice! 

It gave us so much pleasure laid over the table for a season!

There is also a certain pleasure to seeing things back in order again. Taking in the quiet, and organizing for the next big thing. Just a swing in the pendulum this time of year. It will all go so fast!

You know I just had to include one pretty vintage thing!

Don't you love that gorgeous hand made lace?

Thanks so much for your lovely comments!

 Looking forward to catching up to you!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Down to the Wire

Hello dear blogging friends! Are you baking pies today? That task has been shared by other members gathered around our table for Thanksgiving this year. We have been away the last few years for the holiday, but it's my turn to set the table, and I'm thrilled!

I have been on a hiatus from the blog. I know you're supposed to let people know BEFORE you go. If I had only known! But November just evaporated into thin air. And the blogging air just seems to be getting thinner for me all the time.

The scene has just changed from the old days, don't you think? It certainly has for me. I don't have plans to quit, but my posts are getting farther and father apart. One thing that I have wondered a lot about lately is "Where on earth did 'so-and-so's' wonderful blog go"? I mean, folks can just up and disappear on you. You hate to think the worst, but the worst happens sometimes. I just want to know!

My health is fine. No worries. But my life has a way of moving on almost without me noticing sometimes. I am mostly retired from shop keeping. I am involved in the most wonderful shop that accommodates my absence. We spend a huge amount of time trotting the country visiting loved ones and just seeing the world now. So enjoyable! I still love vintage and decorating, but my circles run much larger than that most days. Just so you know. . . .

We have already had guests come and go this week, with more arriving today. It is a joyous time. That isn't always true for me on holidays with our families spread so far and wide. And with so many of us. Some of you know that we have seven grown children, all with their own families. And then there is our extended family, so someone is always missing, as you can imagine!

There is always grief and sorrow somewhere among us as well. One daughter in law, and one son in law lost fathers this past year, and it is the first Thanksgiving without them. My husband is missing his recently passed mother and his family this year. And it is also a time of deep reflection in our country. There are few of us that won't have those thoughts also gathered around the table with us. 

But I have so very much to be thankful for. For me that appreciation is not felt so much at the moment when I am finally sitting at the table wondering if everything is hot or cold enough as we bow our heads. It comes in the days and moments leading up as I gather up the dishes and linens, and each fork and knife along with my memories. It comes with each wish and dream for the future of my loved ones in this world.

And of course that includes you, who are such a support and pleasure in my days with all that you say and share of the goodness and beauty and even sadness of your lives. What a joy it is blogging with you! Thank you!

I am thinking all this today, and more. Glad for the time to weigh and savor as I go about my pleasant table tasks. And hoping for all the same for you. . . .

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!