Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Pretty Mix of Linens & Laces

I got lucky with linens this week and found an amazing assortment of lovely things.

I usually buy pieces that are already in good condition, but I always launder and press items in order to cover every square inch to find any hidden flaws. This matching pair of pillowcases passed inspection!

After freshening them up I laid out all the new pieces for a better look in the nursery. One thing always leads to another in here, and I couldn't help noticing a theme. I thought maybe you would like to have a look too!

The real excitement started for me with this scrumptious knitted bedspread that I found. I just couldn't believe how lucky it was to find it in absolutely perfect condition!

I kept on layering so I took care to get a shot of it before it got all covered up. What a wonderful piece of work made in squares, one stitch at a time, on tiny little knitting needles and then sewn all together. Just blows my mind at the patience required for that.

I also turned up another single white pillowcase with crocheted trim. These unmatched pieces always look so pretty together on a bed. 

I laid a dark sheet of card stock underneath the narrow lace so you could see it better. So delicate and pretty.

What you are seeing laid over everything is a gorgeous fine linen tablecloth with napkins worked in cross-stitched roses. The cloth has a couple of very faint stains on it even after soaking so I know it was indeed once loved and used. The napkins had storage discoloration which laundered out very nicely.

I think it would also make a lovely dressy coverlet on a bed, and so I laid it out to see how it would look that way. It's just so gorgeous to look at. (I ironed this baby out myself, people! It's not bad if you make sure it is still pretty damp after washing.)

I love that the napkin roses are just in bud.

And the sweetest little boudoir pillow cover turned up for me this week too. Almost makes me dizzy! I already had the perfect sized insert for it too. You can see the ball fringe at the corners better in some of the pictures further on a bit. The back side is a loose weave cotton like that small inset on the front.

I just love the look of mixed ivories and whites laid all together.

Finally, here is the softest pretty crocheted table cover shown as a throw under everything. I love these peeking out almost anywhere. This one is round.

I don't think that much of this handwork is being done anymore in our times. And I feel so lucky to be part of gathering it up to be appreciated before it disappears forever.

 I hope you enjoyed the linen show today!

Happy Sunday Everyone!