Monday, February 29, 2016

Romantic Farmhouse Style

One thing just leads to another when you try out new ideas. I'm wanting to make a basket liner or two, and before I know it there are piles of linens and baskets all over the place! But when are there not?

It all started with a changeup on the mantel piece. I wanted a bit of lace and twinkle lights to brighten things up. These are the teeny pearl lights that are strung on copper wire. (I got mine at Anthropologie.)

I like a softer look at times, and all it takes is a touch of lace. I like how the darker background shows the design. 

Hampers are great for storage, of course, but I also love the look of a little liner peeking through.

A little graphic pillow adds to the look.

The top of the cupboard gets a minor change up too.

 I love the natural look of wicker and always have my eye out for wicker covered demijohns. An antique picnic basket is tucked away in a corner with this one. 

This tall grapevine basket hides an outlet and power cords by the chair, and even stows a few.

Baskets are the best storage for keeping linens handy, and for showing off their beautiful features when not in use.

A few chippy gardeny things round everything out.

Welcome to a new week and a new month! We're Marching right along!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cottage Nursery Tales

I've shown you glimpses of the nursery before. I think the last time I did I said that this room was slated for change. And that's still true. But years pass like weeks used to these days, and we are so busy occupying all the space that there is little time for making changes.

This "spare" room is not a spare at all. I use it almost every day for shop business
 or even just to fold the laundry. And we are lucky enough to have a steady stream of visitors as well.

It's a homely space where almost everything comes from thrift stores, The bedding, for instance, with its Popsicle colored hues.

The handmade afghan, which was brand new when I found it, and the quilt beneath.

The bed lamp.

A few keepsakes hang on the walls, like this needlepoint floral. They all have become imprinted on my granddaughters minds by now through a kind of domestic propaganda. "I wonder whatever happened to that?," they will someday say.

This is one of the few spots in the house that has a little color. Prairie Style pastels versus that of a pale and classic Shabby Chic. Not chic anything, actually.

The most humble treasures reside here. But I will probably want this little framed collage hanging over my bed when I draw my last breath. 

It's a found object of ephemera assembled in an old frame behind glass. An old lace handkerchief for a backdrop. A darling girl looks out at center position, as though to the future, with faded photographs at her corners, and bits of victorian scrap for charm. It is a magical thing that has cast its spell within these walls for more than a decade.

The nails from previous arrangements often dictate the placement of things. The clock face went up when I was clearing the room for guests last week. Fresh laundry and a recent bedspread find occupy the chair. The old wood shutters were intended for the shop, but I can't quite part with them yet (if ever). They have stood here for most of a year.

A cheery apron waits for a few pocket stitches.

This framed print was once a page from a Brambly Hedge calendar. It is the actual style that I aim for. A homey hodge podge of collections that fall together as in a story book.

Minus the dustballs and cobwebs of real life, I think I inhabit these vaulted rooms in my dreams.

Someday my girls may have some other bits of wardrobe hanging from the door hooks.

They already make good use of the dressing screen when they visit, even though the dresses hanging there are many stages of childhood too small.

Although more lady-like garments are beginning to take up space too.

All but one of the fluffy nursery pals have been tucked away.

The toy houses with the suitcase of furnishings are now rarely dragged out from underneath the beds. (The former first order of business for youngsters arriving.)

Oh, the usual linen work goes on within these walls, as it likely always will. But there is an aura of suspense now inbued among the folds, and a sense of moments, weeks, and years unfolding in a blinding blink of time. And just a hint in the air of the need to ready ourselves for all the untold tales yet to come. 

So we're down to the last week of February already! The willows are leafing, and the fruit blossoms have started to pop. 

Hope it's been a great start of the week for you!


Friday, February 19, 2016

Around the Shop

I love taking photos of great shops wherever I travel, and have a mental list of places that I would love to get to if only they weren't a thousand miles or more away!

But I haven't been tracking down any fab vintage shops lately. My own busy Cabin & Cottage shop space at Je L'Adore! in Albuquerque  is at least part of the reason.  So I may as well show you the latest shop shifting in my own little corner of the vintage world.

Ironstone pitchers, wicker, and lace are some of my mainstays. But wire baskets and garden fences get space too.

I'm always on the hunt for painted pieces. I wish I had the talent and interest in painting things myself. Such a smart thing to do! One of my latest favorites is Marion's Miss Mustard Seed blog. What a furniture genius that woman is! We carry her paint line in the shop too.

Vintage lighting has more character!

But linens are my number one weakness. Surprise!

Time to stock up on the vintage garden stuff. Love old remnants from iron gates. And who doesn't need a nice garden goose!

I am a vintage frame junky too. Endless possibilities.

One of my shop ladies has a new hat.

That great old washtub underneath has wooden handles!

A few pieces of pretty china on the shelf.

Can't have cottage without it.

(This Italian beauty may be slated for my dining room.)

I hope you enjoyed the look around!

Happy Weekend!