Friday, February 24, 2017

Linens & Pitchers

Here we are, the last weekend of the month. And that calls for a bit of a change up to both the mental and the physical state of things.

We have forsythia and apple blossoms already. But inside I'm just freshening up a display with linens and pitchers. The biggest jugs are my favorite.

I have a large basin for each, and the large bowls are wonderful for both display and more practical use as well. 

A few platters join the collection.

One of the first I ever collected, this old girl shows off her curves in a basket of linen in the morning light.

But this little gravy boat is the newest to be added. So much character in a little piece of china! Quite a few of these little brown transferware pitchers have passed through my hands in recent years.

A bit of linen is getting a change out as well.

 I like to appreciate the delicate details more fully up close.

 I'll enjoy the jaunty line up of pitchers until I need another change of scene.

I do a lot of mix and match, but this pretty transfeware basin is the actual companion to the tranferware pitcher above.

I hope you enjoy the parade!

I just love the artful china marks too!

Though not a match, this little platter goes perfectly with my latest transferware gravy pitcher. Serendipity!

One of my recent runner finds. I love the ivory tones of natural linen. The lace underneath has been featured here on the blog many times.

I'm off for more treasure hunting this weekend!

 I hope it's a great one for you too!