Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Veranda

I always think of a veranda as a much grander affair than our two small porches are. Yet they are still pleasant enough for taking in the air, and covered enough to have a little protection for furniture. One can enjoy a gentle drizzle from beneath the eaves, but a real downpour would drive us indoors. A few cushions make it comfortable on the old wooden church pew for taking coffee in the morning or after a meal. Here, in seclusion, we are surrounded by birdsong, a few shade loving plants, and in the cool hours of the day we enjoy a bit of shuffling through the paper or a magazine. . . .

Today I've been enjoying the long awaited Romantic Prairie Style magazine out here. A cozy porch is perfect for reading about blogging friends, studying gorgeous photos, and just savoring a wonderful  style. I'm so excited it's finally here! It's just jam packed gorgeousness!

Without a handy window ledge, the porch is a good place for rooting my Swedish Ivy.

So nice for you to hang out with me on my little veranda today!
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Queen Anne Victorian in NY

These are the beautiful rooms of Xenia (pronounced "Sane-ya") of the blog Collar City Brownstone. Xenia's blog chronicles the restoration of her Queen Anne Victorian Home in Troy, New York. I was blown away by how massive and beautiful this home is when I first laid eyes on it.  I wanted to be sure you had a chance to visit Xenia's blog, and to get a glimpse of her wonderful style and this impressive space for yourself! You just won't believe it. . . .

Troy, New York
I hope you'll stop by and say hello to Xenia at her blog
Happy Browsing!


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Garden Report: Pink & Sunny With A Chance of Flowers


You've heard of a victory garden. Well, this one is a survival garden. And it's the plants that have been doing the "surviving". (Mr. Cottage just gave me instructions to NOT mention his name in this post! (*wink*))

This is your big chance to offer input, oh succcessful gardeners of the world! Kindly identify this mercifully resilient desert bush which has bloomed so jubilantly this year. It stood up and took notice of our mere presence in the back yard this season, and cheers us on each time we venture outdoors. Now this I call positive reinforcement!

The roses are offerering their own reward by showing vigorous growth after an early spring pruning. When they emerge from the bud maybe you will recognize one or two, as we are not on a first name basis with them ourselves.

The vines have just errupted with tiny green leaves and lend the garden wall the appearance of a giant ogre in some fairy story. One in which the hairy monster will soon transform itself into an enchanted doorway. Thank goodness this change takes place without any assistance fom us!

Okay. Just an eensy bit of credit taking here. We planted a baby snowball bush last summer, and these are its first blooms! (There are about dozen.)

Periwinkle? And a few early cherries.

Thanks so much for helping us get our silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row!
. . . And so, how does YOUR garden grow?

I'm off to check on the beanstalks!