Sunday, November 21, 2021

Making Home Cozy With Vintage Linens

Hello friends! It's time to start thinking about how I will dress my Thanksgiving table. I am a linen lover, so I use more linen at home every day than the average person. Even when our children were small we enjoyed using cloth napkins for meals, and pretty embroidered pillowcases on beds. I loved and used quilts as much then as I do now. 

It's a wide world, and there are many ways to define what makes a home, but I wonder what warm memories of home the average child now takes forward as they grow into adults? But nice linens remain one of my personal family values.

In our throwaway culture, using cloth can be a real standout in making your home more homey. And it saves on using so many paper products! But aside from that, people feel more special somehow when they sit down to a table set with a cloth napkin and a tablecloth. Many dinner conversations with guests have begun with comments about the table dressing at our house. I even find it easier to toss a cloth into the washer than to scrub a table!

But I can't help myself anymore at any rate. When I found these four lovely tea towels together at the flea market for about a dollar each, all I could think of was what nice napkins they would make for a table setting.

Linens add to coziness, but when the cold weather starts, almost everything turns inward for me. I read more, go to bed earlier, stay in bed longer in the morning, and think more about drinks and food. Recently I have wanted even more than usual to enjoy good scents in the house too. When I came across these pine scented inscense sticks, nothing seemed more cozy to me! Too early for fires in the evening still, but a little smell of a camp fire is a comforting thought. A little goes a long way when it comes to this though. A few minutes of a candle burning can infuse a lot and last quite a while.  

There is still time for autumm forest walks and leaf gathering, which we have to go out of the way to do here. For now, my little wooden acorns will do. 

I have been adding to my wreath collection too, which I have out year round. They all segue right into the holiday season, which has us thinking, more than any other time of year, of all things homey, cozy, and snug.

Taken all together, maybe adding a little linen love can help you on your way to a more beautiful and cozy winter season too!

Time now for a snuggly afghan and a good book!

What's making things cozy for you?

Sending warm thoughts your way, 


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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Still Fall

Hello friends! I haven't visited you here since summertime and I wanted to get in a fall post before everything turned into Christmas. Not quite everything has. 

My life has changed so much since I was a regular blogger. I'm not actively out buying for a shop these days, for one thing. I realize I always had something new to show you, and that makes a big difference.  

Now that I am passing on a lot of my own favorite possessions, it's more about rediscovering things and getting down to keeping only the most treasured. Old pitchers will always be on that list!

Old crocheted pieces continue to delight me too, especially if they feature unusual patterns. But let's face it. There are still millions of gorgeous works out there just waiting to be found. I love that little leaf pattern inside this one, for instance.

I am hoarding three of these.

I guess my bread board collection isn't big enough either because I still buy almost every single one I find!

This wonderful old towel just found it's way back to the top of one of the "save" baskets. It's a really large thick one. 

One of my more recent indulgences are tallow berries. I only have a few sprigs because they are priced so dear, and in addition we have to send away for them from here. They are a southern thing which I envied so much on all your Texas blogs when I started out!

They look good on everything!

I do have my sentimental favorites like this little leafy creamer for fall. It's on display all year, but is so cheery in November.

The berry details with the thorns enchant me like a fairytale.

So this is where I started out this morning. Sitting at my breakfast table, musing.

Flipping the pages of a new magazine, (Christmas, of course!) and feeling the old tug to share a few things.

After all, it is always time for being thankful, for spreading the bounty, for reaching deep into whatever it is that we have been holding on to, and sharing from the heart.

Thankful for your visits,

 and wishing you all the blessings of the season,


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