Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's late in the day and I am trying out ideas for an autumn table. Yesterday's grocery pumpkins proved to be an inspiration. A few small baby boos seem so versatile without taking up a lot of space. 

I'm table testing a new set of beautiful dishes that I recently found. I thought at first that they might be Limoges, but they turned out to be a very old English pattern by Grindley in a lovely teal rose transferware. They are a wonderful match with the sugar bowl/biscuit jar that I found near the same time. Don't you love that kind of serendipity?

 A few earthy napkins and dried sprigs from the garden lend the right atmosphere. What appear to be weeds are what is left of the ferns and lavender that suffered neglect at the end of a hot summer on the patio. As I was tossing them away I realized that they had exactly the look I was going for!

A bit of white ironstone and milk glass round out the setting. The fabulous hand-crocheted tablecloth underneath was a recent birthday gift from a dear old friend who has shared a love of country and cottage style with me for a few decades now. Thank you so much, Kay!

Swirls as lovely as leaves floating down in an autumn breeze. . . .

I'm also experimenting with a few things on the darker side. A bouquet of fresh red roses which have dried right in the pitcher to the color of wine, pine cones propped in a silver sugar and creamer, and a tall jar of sunflower seeds from the market just for show.

A bit of withered maidenhair fern dresses up an old ironstone pitcher and wash bowl.

My newest ironstone dish corrals a few vintage silver serving forks.

P. S. Crazy for monograms!

Wheat and cornflower blue make a delicate fall color combination. . . . But should I go light or dark? No need to choose. There are still plenty of fall days for both ahead!

How can it be that September is already coming to a close?
But how well I know that each turn of the calender brings its own delights.

I hope there's a wonderful new week waiting ahead for you!


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Signs of a New Season

I like dried flowers the most in the fall. They seem most natural this time of year when all of nature is ripening, seeding, and expending its last effort of the growing season. I'll be checking out fields for all manner of dried beauty in the weeks to come.

The roses you see here are the same that are in my blog header and on the sidebar where they were still pink from their early drying days. They have evolved into a more amber hue with the passing months.

A lot of things in my rooms can remain unmoved for weeks and weeks as we stay busy visiting, traveling, taking care of business, and just spending time outdoors as summer whizzes by. But I just changed up my dining room picture frame collage a little for a new season.

And a little tinkering and tweaking lends the suggestion of a farmhouse in fall. . . . 

I'm still enjoying my wicker planter in here much as it is.

The old reliable vintage high chair still holds court in this corner too. A lot gets temprarily tucked in out of the way here to blend in while it finds its place in Cabin & Cottage world! Haha!

So we are enjoying a quiet unfolding as summer slips away into fall.
 It will all be official soon!

I hope it's a lovely time for you too!


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Moving Into Fall

I'm no longer in denial about the changing weather. Days are still warm, but nights have gotten wonderfully chilly. The best night's sleep happens under a light quilt in the fall!

The change in light and temperature in the daytime has me switching things up too. An umber colored picture frame holds a couple of botanical prints hung loosely inside creating a leafy still life with the lamp shade and dried blooms. Little tokens of autumn will no doubt be added here as the season progresses.

A vintage whisk broom from a summer junking foray sits on top of a small woven trunk given to me by old friends and adds to the earthy elements that I like to use in fall.

It's a busier look than I have had in this room for awhile. I had a very spare treatment here all summer with only a chippy tin tile and lamp on top of the cabinet. But with the changing light the white paint was looking especially dingy, and I am ready for a change.


 I'm enjoying the difference. Especially in evening light.

I have also pulled out a few things that have been stowed away for awhile like these older clock motif dipping bowls from Pottery Barn. I often keep the packaging, like this box they came in, because it's all styled so well.

Time is marching on. . . .

I have also pulled out my newest brown transferware find to hold small bits of things on the coffee table. I wonder why I find these old pieces so comforting?

So perfect for fall. . . .


And a shot or two under lamplight. . . .

I hope you enjoy these last few days of summer!
It's time to get cozy. . . .

Have a great week!


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