Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Gathering of Bunnies and Flower Pots

I don't buy many strictly seasonal things for my table because I find it too limiting, but I found these darling bunny plates at Home Goods just too darling to pass up! I got a set of four, and will also use them throughout the year for tea parties with the little girls. The script and postal motif got me carried away!

Around this time before the holiday I have my radar out for table ideas and start gathering things up in one place until everything gels for me.

This time I knew it would include the clay pot napkin rings from a past season at Pottery Barn (a nod to Peter Rabbit), and the ruffled napkins to go with them (also PB). I don't have the right flowers to tuck in at the moment, but a daisy or baby's breath would be sweet. Although I do love the look of something leafy like rosemary, mint, or even this sprig of dried eucalyptus.

I also wanted to share this terrific pair of enamel pots I found thrifting that someone had cleverly decoupaged. Complete with saucers underneath!

I adore the bird and fruit motifs. They would be adorable on the table with little herb pots inside. I tried to include views from all sides. . . .

I also got one large dinner plate to either serve from, or just display. The bunny faces in the opposite direction from the dessert/canape plates. (The plates are by Magenta, and I saw some on Ebay.)

I also found a sweet Johnson Brothers teapot at HG with a vintage look. My other white one has gotten a lot of exposure on the blog! Haha! But I just love this one's curvy lines.

Pulling everything all together in one place beforehand also makes a pretty little Easter vignette while it's waiting to be put to use. Decoration enough for me!

How are all your ideas coming along?
 Busy week coming up!

Hope it's a good one for you!


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Changing Shops & Spring On the Street Where I Live

Hello again ladies and gents! I've been off the blog for awhile visiting family and changing shops! There is much more to show of the beautiful French Vintage shop Je L'adore!  in its brand new location in Albuquerque that I have just this minute set up shop in, but here is a small sneak preview of my little space inside. . . .

I am tout simplement ravi to be here, and hope you will make a point of coming by for a visit!

I am all set up with soft colors for a joyful spring celebration. Please enjoy having a petite look around. . . .

On a different note, I am once again including shots of my Albuquerque neighborhood this time of year. The sun is every bit as bright in springtime in NM as you can see in these photos. It's warm. Near seventy five degrees. The wind is calm. Unusual for spring here.

The winter here is this colorless brown. These are old cottonwood and Chinese Elm trees that line the road. Although we are within the city limits we are lucky to have a few fields that have not been turned into developed real estate. There is not a day that I take this walk that I don't appreciate that fact, because I know it can happen at the drop of a hat.

A tall adobe brick wall once enclosed this space. You can see a portion of it in the foreground. It was waist high when I moved here twenty years ago. Every year a little bit of the earth wall is reclaimed by the elements.

A view of what remains.

Blue tiles and a mailbox embedded into a stucco wall.

A nicho is a common feature in the local architecture both indoors and out.

You would not likely notice the roadrunner perched on top of this neighbor's wall. I didn't notice him myself until he dropped down after I snapped this picture. I encountered two of them on this midday walk. Not an unusaul occurance.

Finally, a bit of blossom outside of an old farmhouse. . . .

Well, it's so great to be back visiting again!
So much catching up to do!
I hope a new spring is just lovely for all of you!


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Friday, March 13, 2015

Thoughts of Spring

Fresh, soft, bright, light. That's what spring means to me.

The willows are showing a leafy green. They're always the first to start. Cheery blossoms decorate the neighborhood.  

The light has changed.

Early spring has a softness found no other time in the year. . . .

Who can help but celebrate?

Happy Spring days ahead!


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