Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmastime At Home

I think we are finally home. We have been adding Christmas touches here and there between trips, but I think we are free now to get down to the business of making our home ready to welcome guests.

We have a smallish place that gets filled to bursting with our large family during the holidays. So glad for that! But it can pose some real challenges to fit everyone in comfortably, so I am always on the search for more space.

I am loving the green wreath of welcome in the tiny front hall. This closet door used to be a wood finish, and painting it white made the small entry feel so much bigger. 

I let go of a ton of furniture this year that had become unworkable. Heavy club chairs that took up too much space, pieces that needed work, and things that I liked to look at but that were not really comfortable anymore. It was hard letting things go! But it made life so much easier.

Our decorating is somewhat different every year. I think I get tired of things. But these twiggy trees that were in the shop last year are feeling festive in this small space.

I have lost a lot of white for now, but everyone who sits in that smallish (not new) recliner loves the comfort, and some of them have gone right to sleep! Haha! And I was able to gain more space by getting rid of an ottoman. Win, win.

I keep most of my accessories year 'round (like this Santo) that get a dressing up for Christmas. Books are in stacks everywhere, and we live with them like some of you live with pets! Something that you love and want to accommodate.

I buy these short church candles by the dozen. They are cheap from the grocery and add so much cheer! They go everywhere. The dining table, the coffee table, the mantel. I don't like to deal with candle wax. And they look so much better half gone than the tall ones. (Easier to light too.) They are lit all day when it is overcast. And they light up my vintage garland too!

Loving the punch of red this time of year. . . .

This splendid girl visits at Christmastime too! She is an original oil painting with her lovely red curls and brown eyes, and needs to be seen up close to be appreciated.

The mantel is simple this year, and the hearth kept pretty clear for fires. You maybe can't tell that the chair is pulled a bit out into the room.

I also removed my bigger coffee table and two smaller scatter tables from this room. The tan window shade was replaced with a white one too, which breaks up the wall less. 

The hearth doesn't change much, but got a cache of antlers this year.

It's a challenge to keep the fireplace sort of free for use, and also nice to look at. The tin tile cover is easy to remove for a cozy fire.

This pine cone garland goes up early and comes down late fall through winter.

The felt pillows are new from Home Goods giving us more Cabin than Cottage this year.

The hutch has a start, but the dining room table will get a fairly constant Christmas rotation for the duration. It's the most used space in the house! Right now it's a perch for vintage ornaments. Everything goes in and out from here, and soon will be filled with more meals than you can count!

I have sold off much of my vintage ornament collection, but these are still bringing me some cheer this year. I like them right in the box!

This is my new coffee table/office/media manager now. A tiny primitive work bench with a lower shelf for magazines and full of holes. Go ahead and put your feet on it!!

I hope you are having at lot of the fun kind of busy these days. It all goes so fast! Our people will come in waves. And it's all about the people.

So nice to have you visit!

 Come back anytime!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Christmastime!


Monday, November 26, 2018

Winter White Collections

Thanksgiving marks the unofficial end to fall. The leaves still fall, but it feels every bit of winter from where I am standing. At any rate I have cleared the way for some Winter/Christmas decorating to get it's toe hold. As much as I admire a spare look for rooms in a house, there are still plenty of places in my heart that hold room for my collections. Especially this time of year! I seem to be drawn to photos of rooms with lots of collections in it, and of course loving all the gorgeous rooms online and in December magazines right now. Endless!

Just before leaving for a few days, I snapped a few views of my dining room shelves waiting for holiday dressing.

My more recent finds have gathered here like this group of Mason Cash pudding bowls. I'm not sure I could ever pass one of these up!

Plenty of ledge left on this shelf to tuck in a bit of Christmas next to my new Staffordshire figures.

A great little ironstone tureen is new to the collection too.

 Just things that I use and love. I can't wait to add some holiday cheer to the mix!

Pitchers of course!

This Currier & Ives print is new to me this season. We painted the frame a creamy white. I don't think I would have liked it nearly so much without the obvious water damage!

I'm so looking forward to savoring the familiar joys of the season.

Hope you are too! 

Hope it's a great week for you!


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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Unpacking The Holiday Treasures

Hello friends!  
I have been busy digging around in boxes to get things started. How about you? Years go by and those suckers (boxes) have a way of multiplying when the available space to keep stuff stays exactly the same! But thank goodness, yes? As life goes on we take on a few more things and let other things go. . .

One of the things I have taken on is this crusty old candelabra. I thought I was done with them and gave all mine away. Little did I know that those I had in the past were just not tarnished enough! haha!

This old one makes me feel a bit elated. And we can all use a dose of bliss I think, no matter from where.

This flocked tree is from last year and gets an iron urn this time. Small enough to land anywhere. As you can see the seasons flow together around here. I usually let things evolve rather than a big revamp for the holidays. Easing in and easing back out again. 

Bits of vintage lace also play a part. This favorite piece often makes its appearance in one spot or another. 

I'm also working on finding the perfect confection or bauble for these egg trays. Any ideas spring to mind? I like using things year 'round, and I love a dose of sparkly glass at Christmastime.

The usual dilemma of which embossed plates to use. . . .  I always think I have too many, but I boldly let some go during the year and already regret it! Some might call this obsession. . . .  I call it tradition.

And what is a holiday without hollow handled knives I ask you? Hollow, of course!

Few cheerier things than shiny silver anything.

My smaller twiggy trees are already out. I had them in the shop last year and everybody wanted them. They were a kind of dear price at Pottery Barn, but I haven't seen them there this year.

And of course always a stash of lovely doodads of some kind around for when the creative impulse hits.

This shiny garland is a souvenir from my first visit to Rachel Ashwell's Malibu shop and may end up in a tray or puddle of light somewhere.

Our decorating simply ends at some point rather than being really "done." I wonder what else I will rediscover among the boxes this year?

Finally, I want to share my new 2019 calendar from Georgianna Lane with you! She has done a NYC version and a couple of others as well, but I couldn't resist this gorgeous Paris version. You might like one too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I hope you enjoy getting ready for a lovely Thanksgiving and holiday season in your own way! 

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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