Thursday, October 30, 2014

Linen Days

I work with linens all the time, but there come days when I plan to take the hours it requires to tidy up a batch of new finds. Take that to mean that I take time to do the things I love best!

This crispy organdy dress will look wonderful in a vintage Christmas display. The decoration is painted on as was often done in the era. So airy, with pretty lacy details.

I found it with the darling little bonnet attached. (I haven't tried it on my big fuzzy bears yet.)

I have heard it said that linens find me, and that is probably true in some ways. One day a lovely older lady who was a stranger to me visited the shop with this elegant christening gown in tow. She was only giving it away, she explained. But rather than send it on to a thrift store, she preferred to pass it on to someone who would love and care for it. (Well, yeah! Thank you very much. . . . ! ) I pulled it out of the closet just recently and it will be pressed up nicely for show this season.

Just look at this beautiful detail of the eyelet ruffles. . . .

A shorter matching under gown hangs behind it on the dressing screen.

Here is another lucky find from a local thrift store.

 I may snap a Christmas photo of my five year old cherub grand-daughter in it.

I also pulled out an old cutwork sheet tucked away in a pile. I love the look of it but don't use it often.

It looks nice just hanging on an old wooden hanger. 

Here are a few other things that were freshened up today. 

This wide crochet runner has designs in two alternating patterns.

I love the darker tones for fall. . . .

And can you ever have enough lacy doily things to soften your day?

Thanks for joining me on one of my lovely linen days!

It's so nice to have you to share it with!

And here we are winding up another month of Fall.

 I hope these last few days are enjoyable for you!


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Little French Shop Dressed for the Holidays

I was lucky enough to get a few shots of Tammy Rorem's Albuquerque shop,
Je L'Adore,  before everything disappeared in her Holiday Extravaganza yesterday. Wonderful wares dressed for the holidays. 

I love her white rooms best, looking so Victorian this year.  Don't you just love this gorgeous cabinet display?

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pitter-pat. . . .

Love this darling little French pinny!

Loads of linen with fab details.

This small corner is full of enchantment. . . .

I couldn't keep from handling the wares!

Ooooh la la!

Lots of shimmer and shine for the occasion.

French blues too. . .

This poufy day bed made me giddy dressed in gorgeous red toile! A sample of the rich color that Tammy loves for her shop too.

Sumptuous . . . , opulent . . . ,  Je L'Adore!

Let the shopping begin!

Hope you're finding fun this weekend too!


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