Monday, January 29, 2018

Good Things Come In Threes

It seems like it has been a while since I did a little loot shoot here on the blog, but that's because I haven't been out beating the bushes that much in the last few weeks. But it's about time!

And it doesn't take a very big pile to bring a big smile to my face either. A little sparkle, a bit of china, and a few pretty pieces of linen will do it for me every time.

In this case, everything turned up in threes. The silver pieces were sold as a set, and I found a trio of little square plates in one of my all time favorite patterns of white embossed china.

I didn't even know that this pattern, Rose Point, came in a square salad/dessert version, as I already have some round ones. But these are thick and sturdy, and I am thrilled to add them to my growing collection. The mark is shown below if you have taken a liking to them, but I already did some checking around for a fourth plate to round things out and nothing has turned up yet.

I did say three. But you might have noticed a fourth plate underneath. Since I am crazy for embossed plates I have been known to bring home the odd piece here and there and already had a single square plate in house to join the others while I am waiting for a match to turn up. (But, of course!)

This is a Homer Laughlin pattern of which I have not researched the name. Maybe you know it! I just know I love it too. See the mark below. 

The silver sugar and creamer are handsome enough, but I could only take the irresistible little tray if they came along with. And they were priced very well all together. 

The tray is the perfect size to carry a cup of tea to bed or chair side. (Or for the butler to carry in your letters. Ahem.) Maybe to hold a glass of water or to set a vase of flowers upon. There are interesting details engraved at the center, and adorable little ball and claw feet.

I also thought you might enjoy a closer look at the three beautiful pillow slips I found on my hunt. This one pictured here is a single, but having only one would never deter me. A cozy bed made up with interesting different laces on the pillows is nothing but delicious to me! Pile them on!

I am always in awe of the hands that produced such pretty embroidery and crochet lace. 

The other lovely pair of pillowcases is more vintage and unusual to me. A wonderful pattern of cutwork and embroidery. Thrills me to the core. . . .

So nice that you came by to share in the joy!

And wonderful to have comments from friends old and new on my last post.

Thanks so much for stopping in to say hello!

Another January nearly done.
 Many happy moments ahead to you!


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Winter Tea

Welcome to my winter tea!  I have tea in a mug almost every day, of course, but these frigid days just call for something extra cozy.

I have been thinking of a bird theme for a table to go with my birdie teapot.

This transferware dish will serve well enough I think. A few of my favorite cookies are just the thing too. Biscochitos are a local tradition for the holidays in New Mexico, but they are found here year 'round. I can never eat just one! (Understatement.)

This arrangement is set up on a corner of the dining room table. And although I have pulled out some things that don't get use every day, there is always a stack of china or silver that becomes a part of the scene. Today it is my embossed white plates which have been used and shifted from place to place ever since Thanksgiving.

The patterned teacups liven things up a bit. I like how the soft floral dresses things up, and the ruffled napkins also add to the tone I'm after.

I'm not with my sister for her birthday today. (Happy birthday, Victoria!) But a small celebration set up like this would be just perfect. 

The vintage embroidered cloth is one of several I have along this theme. There is often one of these on the table.

So much of this is familiar by now to those of you who are long time visitors to the blog. I hope you feel right at home! A lot happens right here in this corner of our simple little house.

But it seems that it's the familiar things that give me the most comfort in the winter months when everything is turned more inward.

The days have flown by since the first of January. And more daylight is returning. But we still have the coldest months of the year ahead. 

I will need lots of visits and nibbles with friends over the weeks to come. Everybody just has to put up with the stacks of dishes and linens in all the corners. (And they do! haha!)

One of my more recent ironstone pitchers is ready for a bouquet.

And a basket full of linens each waiting for a turn. . . .

I have been busy with a lot of things that have waited through the holidays. But Januarys are always like that. For you too?

So nice to have time for something a little special today.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Hurry back again!


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sharing My Roses

It's the middle of January and already the days are flying by and disappearing into the flurry of the new year! I thought I would stop in to say hello and to share my roses before they are too much on the wane. I actually like them best when they have relaxed into themselves and have more of a droopy softness.

I'm supposed to be busy with Saturday things. It's still early, but I have already officially cancelled one or two items from my to do list for the day. But some weekends just need to turn out like that!

A few moments spent surrounded by a few favorite and familiar things seem what is most called for this morning. They give me the quiet space to gather my thoughts. To pause in the minor madness and collect myself for a little while, even on one of the busiest days in my week.

I have done mountains of laundry in the past week or so freshening up all the guest beds from the long holiday. Most of our people came after Christmas and into the New Year. Lots of tablecloths and towels into the mix too.

Most of the house has been put to rights. I'm never in much of a hurry, but I don't like to wait until the leftover decorations start to bug me. The greens that I had in these jugs for Christmas stayed lovely and soft the whole season. I'm not feeling like a big change, so a cheery bouquet is enough of a move forward for now.

I have a big appreciation for sameness, and am not one to change things up all that often. But this bread bin is sort of a newer addition to the collective. It leans to the farmhouse flavor that is so fun to have at the moment.

And of course I am never very far away from the beauty and pure energy of a few pretty linens. 

This big basket in the corner of my dining room has turned out to be such a good system for me. So informal and easy. Everything I need is at hand, and I sometimes even iron! Though not so much lately.

All that surrounds me seems to say. "Stop and smell the roses. Gaze on something pleasing for awhile. Enjoy what you have in life."

I hope it's turning into a great start of the new year for you!

So nice that you came by!