Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Basket

Where did the Bunny used to leave your basket?

Was it at the doorstep? The dining room table? The foot of your bed?

What if somebunny left you a basket like this?

Full of laces and a bit of pretty china.

Eggs in your favorite color and nothing you have to refuse or feel guilty about.

You could even use the peat pots!

I like a basket I can use year round, and for every special occasion.

Can flowers really make you happier than bundles of victorian lace? (Maybe.) But lace lasts longer.

Of all the eggs I've dyed these are still my favorite hues.

Does this pattern mimic lace? Or chicken wire?

How many egg shapes can you find?

When I was finished snapping my basket I realized some cutting was required. But then I thought "nature is profuse."
 Especially in spring. So let it be.

Wishing you the bounties of the Season!
Ciao! for now!


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hunting for Vintage

I appreciate more and more the beauty built in to the utility of old things.

But when I went out on my flea foray this week, I wasn't thinking to myself, "I need an old stoneware crock with a lid. Oh yeah, and in my favorite color."

But there it was. Priced for chips and cracks. But there wasn't a one. And did I mention a LID!?!? A Pittsburg Diamond #2, for the cost of maybe a lid alone.

Now I HAD been on the lookout for old wooden spools to put my lengths of antique lace on.

They fit nicely for the moment in the creamy bamboo motif McCoy pot from the same shop. So smooth and beautiful with wonderful crazing.

Who even needs the plant? But wouldn't a white Alyssum look sweet in it?

Few things speak to me of a whispered past like old ironstone pitchers. This one is tiny and in bad shape. And has the most lovely details. It still wants to be a laundry scoop, water a leaf in the teeny McCoy pot, or support a bedside rose.

I filled my doily quota a long time ago. Or so I thought. This specimen intrigued me with a technique of which I am less familiar. What's that loopy stitch called? It sure adds a lot to the pineapple design.

A single vintage Euro sham with lovely details hopped right into my cart nice as you please too.

All pristine, with expertly done embroidery and hand-crochet lace.

And finally, this antique etched and cut glass compote in a sort of egg and dart design completed my trip. I'm am very far from an expert on glass. Perhaps you know the pattern?

I've mentioned my recent love affair with this uncolored crystal before. I would simply call the pattern GORGEOUS!

Besides its beauty and elegance, there are a thousand ways to use it. Fruit? Dessert? Flowers? Shells? Soaps? I simply love what just one piece of glinty glass adds to any arrangement of old things.

Give me vintage! Or better still. . .  let me go hunt down my own!


Happy hunting to you too!
Ciao! for now!


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