Monday, November 30, 2015

Warming Up to the Season

I never do an overnight or one day approach to decorating for the season. I do a very slow warm up that involves a lot of thinking and tweaking that goes on all throughout the month of December. Things have changed over the year. What worked last time may not feel like a good fit this Christmas season.

I am working in just a few cheery additions as always. A couple of these big mugs from PB, for instance. They always manage to get me with something! And this year it is these birdies that were on their gift wrap in 2014. Thankfully you don't have to get them in sets, I liked this version the best, and only bought two.

As the weather has finally turned, it's time to get serious about cozy-ing down. A warm drink, a small fire, a warm woolly throw in a festive color, and a good book.

I collect different editions of "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens, and was overjoyed to find a new vintage one at a recent flea market jaunt. It's a 1938 edition by Garden City Publishing with wonderful color photos. Doesn't it have just a lovely cover? The season has launched!

We cleared the hearth and started our first fire of the season. One of many to follow,

I am still figuring out something for the mantel, and we have no tree up or any greens yet, but there are still many pleasures yet to come. Too many, in fact! We will just have to fit in what we can.

You may have noticed the new snack plates too. ( From PB) I have been in love with reindeer motifs for a long time, and they are everywhere!

While I am figuring out which tree I want, and where it goes, I am busy making space for one and for all the family that will be visiting. We have two winter graduations happening, and a few December birthdays to celebrate as well! 

The top of the cupboard has been restyled and is all ready for a few greens to be tucked in.

My frosted twig wreaths have now become somewhat of a tradition. They make a good transition from fall to the winter solstice and beyond on this very last day of November. It all flew by so fast. . . .

'Tis the season to be jolly!
So I'm going to do my best.

Good cheer to you too!

It's so lovely that you came by!


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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

So thankful for all of you generous, giving, and sharing people who are always so quick to give a word of encouragement and friendship here in the blogging community. Thanks for your visits and thoughtful comments throughout the year, wherever in the world you happen to be.


I hope it is a beautiful day for you.