Saturday, December 31, 2016

Personal Favorites 2016

Another year of blogging has passed, and I'm showing a few of my own personal favorites from the past twelve months. A lot of it now feels like just a dream!

But the year was filled with lots of the familiar and predictable. White china and brown transferware. Linens and cushions and all things cottage. 

The source of this bunny plate was my most requested item of 2016. (It's by Magenta.)

I have enjoyed another year of sharing my passions and some of the beauties of domestic life with you! Thanks so much for being a part of that. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse back at Cabin & Cottage 2016! 

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Little Dickens' Village

We are counting the days now until the winter solstice arrives and the days begin to get longer again. We are lucky to live in a mild winter climate, but nightfall comes so early.

But a small candle glow warms even the greyest morning. (I'm still passively searching for my lighted garland to lay over the mantel.)

I probably never would have gotten to unpacking the Dickens' Village this year. But it is a favorite of the children and my eager spouse who set it all up.

And a couple of nests were added to the twiggy tree to round out the ambience.


I hope you are also enjoying a few quiet moments in this busy season!

Best Christmas Wishes!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Whisper of Nature's Design

I have long wanted to get my hands on some tallow berries. I don't think I have ever even seen them in person. But I have loved them from afar. They are so beautifully decorative, and I really enjoy using natural decorations year 'round.

I know you can buy them online. And there are faux versions too. But I was a little excited to find these berry bushes on one of my recent local walks. It's called rabbitbrush, or chamisa. It's native here, but I have never seen it with berries on it. And it grows in my own back yard! Makes me strongly suspect that not each plant gets them. 

I know that spare and quiet decorating doesn't appeal to everyone. I swear that I will eventually get to a few touches of red. You can look forward to that! Haha! But for now, I am enjoying neutrals and whites in my small rooms that will soon be filled with lots of people. Here is a sprig of dried eucalyptus, for instance. I will soon be getting a few sprays of fresh ones.

I have also dropped a few cholla cactus skeletons into the mix. (Pronounced choy-ah.) A bit of red ribbon would set them off. I have searched for folk tales or symbolism associated with cholla, and found none. But I have started my own tradition of burning a few on the hearth at the new year. Maybe you have seen cholla skeletons made into art or souvenirs. They lie around all over the mesas here.

The bunch of twigs will make a nice winter display even after the holidays. And if I get tired of them I can just toss them out! Another good reason to go natural when you have limited storage space! But I tend to hold onto weeds for a long time.

Maybe these will end up on a new year's fire as well.

I have also added a few greens, and picked up a small evergreen tree for elsewhere. Can't do without that lovely smell!

This is me imagining a woodsy setting full of wildlife in the brambles. My little birds at the feeder outside the window help out with that too. Juncos, doves, sparrows and finches.  I even had a little nuthatch, curve-billed thrasher, and a towhee visit the other day! Gotta take time for the small things. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!