Monday, September 30, 2013

Mannequin Romance

I've been looking for the right girlie to dress up for some time, and she turned up at the flea market over the weekend. I was excited enough to find a vintage dress form in amazing condition, and with a cool looking base, but when I started trying on outfits I got a little giddy! She's a perfect Victorian size.  

I tried the Irish lace first, which made them both look better, and I knew instantly that I am in for a ton of fun! 

So much better than draped on a hanger!

I found a few other sweet dressing room things while I was at it.

This little mirrored medicine cabinet has some fun details.

My glamour girl came with this sheer beaded flapper dress that is basically in shreds. Makes me think of Miss Haversham of Great Expectations. It gives her an entirely different look.

Check out the bead work.

So glad you stopped by for some dress up fun!
I can't believe we are turning another leaf on fall already. . .

Thanks so much for coming by.
 I hope you have a little romance in your week!


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Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Autumn Urban Outing

I suppose like so many others I'm a creature of habit. I'm not a big shopper per se, but I do have my favorite haunts that are fortunately on sort of the same beaten path. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are next door to each other across from our favorite restaurant, so we have taken up the ritual of an after lunch coffee for Mr. Cottage at Starbucks, and a peek in the windows (or more) for me.

This time I discovered a new yummy pumpkin candle. There's something about the change in the weather that has me wanting a little candle glow and spicy scent going on in the evening.

The box is pretty enough to present as a hostess or birthday gift all on its own.

I have mine displayed with a little white pumpkin and a sparkly doily. You don't usually think of doilies as sparkly, but one of my favorites is a vintage one made by some clever person that has shiny beads sewn right in. I can't even imagine how this is done. It seems that the beads would be strung on the ball of thread first, and slid into place as the work progresses. This one is crocheted in a "pineapple" pattern.

I also have a nearly weekly stop at the bookstore for books and magazines, and where I picked up the new Rachel Ashwell, Couture PRAIRIE. It's shown here with an old classic by Tricia Foley that I have been spending a bit of time with in the evenings too. (Copyright 1997. I actually got my used copy at a flea market ages ago.)

From White Christmas by Tricia Foley

From White Christmas by Tricia Foley

Such a beautiful and inspirational style!

From Couture Prairie by Rachel Ashwell

Rachel's book is centered on her Texas inn, The Prairie, and her interpretation of Shabby Chic in a more rustic setting. Perhaps more suited for diehard fans (of which I'm definitely one!), Rachel brings out the more feminine side of farmhouse style. It's probably the closest thing I will get to an actual visit, and it appeals to my love of both cabins and cottages!

I wish I were out and about at one of the many fabulous vintage fairs going on across the country this weekend, but this will have to do for me! I hope you're having a fun fall weekend too! 


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hunting Season

It's the time of year that I go rummaging around my cupboards for bits of china that feature game birds to use on my table. It's still a while yet before the Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes arrive in the fields, but a  few early stragglers have already gathered together in the dining room.  

I have plenty of white china patterns to unify everything. For some reason these majolica pear plates turn up more in my tablescapes of fall and winter.

Over the summer I found a new to me vintage cross-stitched tablecloth. It was only four or five dollars at the flea market, and I thought instantly of camping and fall picnics when I first saw it. In fact I did take it along with me on our last campout. It has been so well loved that it is worn to shreds in a couple of corners. But that just adds to the romance! I always layer my tablecloths anyway.

It seems that I'm always foraging about like an old pea hen for bits and pieces of fall themed china when I'm out and about in the field. A sturdy old ironstone teacup caught my fancy some time ago. It blends well with a few stray saucers that have turned up as well.

Both my grey and pumpkin colored linen napkins work well with this theme. I splurged and bought four of each last season. For a large group they can be mixed together with this cloth. The woodland ducks seem to like them a lot.

I was in the mood for a flirty little petticoat peeking out underneath. It feels like a nice country touch, but also softens the colors and tone. I might use my white ruffled linen napkins with this combination at some point too.

The underskirt is an adventurous twin size bed skirt. I'd love to get my hands on some ruffly linen version to layer on sometime too.

A small biscuit jar with songbirds fits right in. It would make a darling vessel for daisies or mums.

But all we have at the moment are a few onions and weeds. . . .

Turkey hens adorn the outside of these teacups, while a flying tom turkey shows off within. I pair them with English saucers with a geometric pattern.

A demitasse cup is just for show. I don't know how I would ever resist any other Furnivals Quail pattern pieces that might cross my path. (I have purposely not gone looking for those. Besides, I prefer the hunt and peck method.)

The cottonwood leaves have just begun turning to gold along the river. Like the corners of my cloth, the old season is in tatters at its edges. But the table is all ready for cozy weather to arrive.

I have a sudden urge to whip up a savory soup. Maybe pumpkin. Some flakey rolls would be perfect too. Shall I set a place for you? So glad you stopped by!


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