Monday, May 30, 2016

Old Roses and Happy Finds

Sometimes you just have to take a moment during your busy day to enjoy a little corner of happiness. There's no bad news here, mind you. Just the endless rush that can leave you feeling empty unless you pause to savor the goodness of things.

I was surprised to see the roses still looking so cheery, for instance. Barely holding on. I didn't dare rearrange them or petals would fall. But there is something so appealing about roses on their last droopy legs!

I lean just this side of frilly, but this perfectly beautiful platter had to find its way home with me.

A lovely spray of roses along the edge. And one in the center for good measure.

The "handles" have a touch of gold. Shabby perfect!

A little shab on the silver topped shakers too, with a bit of delicate etching just like lace.

Won't this make for the prettiest table setting sometime soon?

And need I tell you how pleased I was to find these teeny vintage roosters in the perfect color? I am on the verge of one white rooster too many I'm afraid. But they are adorable, n'est-ce pas?

But then they would make the cutest gift!

It's a good day to appreciate the textures of life, and to be grateful. My granddaughter asks, Grandma, why do you like so many white things, like the walls and the sofa, and the chairs?" They make me happy, is all there is to say. Maybe for her it will be orange, or blue, or purple. Or all together. . . .

It's a brand new week! 

I hope you are keeping your colors happy!


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Friday, May 20, 2016

Country Blues On The Table

Cottage, country, or farmhouse style. The lines are often blurred around our place depending on what you emphasize. But I like too many different things to stick with only one look!

There are some classics that span all tastes, however, and I think that blue transferware china in is that category. 

I don't use a lot of blue generally, so when I was casting around for accents to use with this new set of dishes it became a little experimental. I have bits and pieces of a lot of things, so some of them became part of the arrangement. I love the look of a mix anyway.

Mixed up china used to bother my dear old mother-in-law when we first met. She wanted something more uniform and traditional when she sat at a table and suggested that I use a whole set of something. But it never really suited me.

I have just a couple of these teacups without their saucers, for instance. They have such a cheery pattern for spring.

I have had a set of a white rooster and hen for a long time now, but last week a new clucky girl joined the company and seems to fit right in for a centerpiece. Ideally there would be flowers, and a little more height in the center, but some days just call for the old adage, "start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can."

A bit of ruffle for a napkin finishes things off. The tablecloth is a rustic painter's drop cloth that fits my farmhouse mood.

The wavy base of the twin tureens suggested the ruffled napkins to me. And an old French cutting board sits beneath.

It's time for another weekend! Oh my!

But I hope it's a lovely one for you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

the new blue transferware

Sometimes I feel so lucky when I find a big stash of pretty dishes for a great price. But it really is a numbers game. The more you make the rounds, the more likely you are to get the deals. I even vary the time of day or week that I visit a place. You never know what will turn up. This time it was this beautiful blue Myott English china.

I love all the curves and flourishes.

A number of dings are to be expected with this many pieces, but the far majority of this set was in fine condition.

There were two tureens, and a large platter and vegetable bowl as well.

I adore all the extra detail that old English china often has.

Even a sauce pitcher and tray!

Blue and white is so crisp and cool looking for the warm months ahead!

I found this old ironstone bowl in the same market on the same day. Something tells me that they may have been from the same collector. 

The bowl has a lovely pale blue design on the angular rim.

Sometimes my shots are fuzzy, but this time it's the maker's mark that is out of focus! Pretty anyway.

Time for a little summer farmhouse vibe. . . .

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

I'll be off inventing tablescapes in blue!