Friday, August 31, 2012

Back Home

It's time to turn another page on the calender. And I'm back home finding familiar territory again. For me that means some heavy nesting. Resting up. Doing laundry. Polishing up my things.
I was looking for something specific for the table and came across a couple of things I had set aside until I had time to pay attention to them. A set of monogrammed homespun linen napkins, and an antique French cloth that needed soaking. (More about soaking here.) (And here.) (More linen love here.) (And here.) (And here.)
I always have piles of fresh linens that haven't yet been put away. I just like seeing them around the place. When I freshened up this small linen tablecloth I decided not to iron it. I left my PB ruffled napkins the same way last time, and wanted to see how I liked them together. The rumpled look is feeling so homey to me.
My antique berry crate serves to center it all. There is no sense to how much I love the old thing. The tin base is perfectly rusted, and the wood a weathered grey. By all appearances it's on its last legs.
In fact there are many things here that way. I love the old cloth precisely because of the darns, patches, and wear on it. The linens had a tea stained look when I acquired them which I find beautiful, but for the table I also need everything looking fresh, so I gave them a long soak overnight. I'm so pleased with the result!


Isn't this work amazing?
I'm giddy about how wonderful the napkins came out. They were such a pleasure to iron, and I can't wait to start using them. As yellowed as they were, they appear to have been hardly used. If ever.

It's such a full time of year. The end of summer has such a fatness to it. So much is ripening, and finally flowering. The finishing up of summer activities overlaps with the beginning of those of fall. Everything is setting seed, and filling out as much as it will. There hardly seems room to contain it all.
I do like the giving way of the bright summer whites to the softer hues. The color of wheat, and old pages. I made some paper flowers for the centerpiece from an old onionskin encyclopedia volume. I can't remember the last time I actually made anything, simple as it is. A tutorial is here.




 Except for my cake stand, everything else is vintage too. Glassware, dinner plates, ironstone, and silver. Nothing feels more cozy to me!




It's been such a pleasure running around like crazy.
And it's such a pleasure coming back home again. . . .
Happy Friday!
Happy September!
I hope you all have a lovely long weekend ahead!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At Mirror Lake

 Sometimes I just need a good dose of piney woodsey. We have our own forest nearby in New Mexico, of course. But Mirror Lake in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah has a drama all its own.
The lake is small enough to take a gorgeous walk around the path at its perimeter in under an hour. Even though it rained off and on the entire weekend, we had time to sit for awhile along the banks and watch a pair of falcons dive for fish and carry them off for their young. 
We also spotted wooly mountain goats on the slopes of the bald mountain.

Audrey wanted to find an interesting treasure for her "possibles" bag.  


What she found was a tad too large, so we hung it from a tree and made it the camp mascot!

Everyone I saw had a big camera lens hanging from their neck. I saw some impressive nature shots from around the lake. But there is really no way to capture the scent of pine, the feel of cold mountain air, the warmth of a good campfire, or the call of a falcon. 
The peace and beauty of such a place stays with you only so long.
  So you just have to keep coming back. . . .

It's just about time to start packing up for September!
Any plans for the holiday weekend ahead?
Hope it's good. . . .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Park City Off Season

I'm glad we got a chance to see Park City in the off season, uncovered by snow and ice, and hoards of people. An old mining town, there's still plenty of gold and silver to be had at this popular resort. Shopping, restaurants, Victorian buildings, more restaurants, and more shopping.

Something to catch your eye in every window, and this time of year a different kind of footwear than snow boots!

Park City is a cozy homey relaxed place. Great for beating the summer heat. Utah is still blazing hot this year on the last weekend of August.

I like the way the town celebrates its history, and the vintage touches everywhere, like this old porch settee out front of the Park City Clothing Company.

I'm not much for western wear, but was charmed by this flashy gal dressed to the nines outside the shop.

But of course there's something for everybody here.

We got in a pleasant stroll down the tidy main street, with its old buildings and old time flavor.

The old brick City Hall is undergoing renovations.

The Pizza and Noodle joint is so popular it overflows into the street. . . .

A terrific vantage point from which to see all the comings and goings and beautiful people.

We didn't actually take in the Museum. Only the shop. You find the most interesting things in museum shops. Don't you think?

More vintage.

The end of summer is a wonderful time to get around, especially in the mountains.

Even the season has its patina on like old leather and tea stained linen. It's still August but the leaves are turning on the high hills. We are into the yellowed pages of summer. Each one telling its own narrative of joyful days in the sun.

Our last stop in town before we head to camp is the deli and a "Picnic to Go".

Maybe we'll be back in winter. . . .

For now it's time to move on. There's still some summer action out there to be harnessed. Time to peddle on and squeeze out the last sweet drops of summer fun.

Hope it's still happening out there for you too!
Great week to you!