Friday, March 29, 2013

Patio Dressing

Over the winter our patio begins the natural process of becoming buried up again in the earth. It might take a hundred years, but it makes good progress in a single season! By spring it resembles a nostalgic movie episode. One where the heroine of the story finds herself wandering through a place long neglected, like the closing image of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, say, where the train whistles, leaves blow, and a faded cafe sign sways in a chilly breeze. . . . Okay, it doesn't look nearly all that romantic. But it does seem like it might take a film crew to make it right again! A few hours of taking down nature's set makes all the difference. . . .

We still need a few plants here and there, but I can stage a cozy scene for now with a few fresh linens. Cheery as blooms.  

Ages ago I found this lovely round tablecloth already altered for a patio table with an umbrella pole just like mine! 


The tables get moved all around, but for now I have them nested together in the center.

I thought I might cover the wicker table too, but found that I wanted to see the top itself when I place a tray or book on it. I used a doily this time instead.

I find myself referring again and again to the current BH&G issue of Flea Market Style ( that I showed you in a previous post here). Especially the pages by Janet Coon of Shabbyfufu. It's wonderful inspiration, and perfect for perusing on the patio!

My Swedish ivy (above) looking healthy and full again, and taking in some fresh air and sunshine after being indoors since fall.

Newer hefty but soft napkins from William Sonoma work well with a vintage table topper.

Everything here was collected from flea markets.

The settee sports a faded hodgepodge of older and newer cushions. It's so nice to be dressing up the patio for a new season like some Hollywood wardrobe designer! I hope this gig plays for a long time!

Thanks for coming by for the show!


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's White Wednesday!

I know some of you are getting too much white in your Spring! But since I started blogging almost exactly three years ago, I can never let a Wednesday go by without thinking of white thanks to Kathleen of Faded Charm who founded the first White Wednesday.  

And thanks to Becky at Timewashed, we can keep linking up in the middle of the week at the Blissful Whites Wednesday linky party. Thank you ladies!

A few of my favorite things . . . .

Happy White Wednesday!


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

American Beauty

How many Royal Albert teacup patterns do you suppose there are? And how many with roses?

I just added a beauty to my own small collection. 

I keep a look out for teacups all the time, but hardly ever find them. Not so many in my local haunts. This one turned up at a local thrift store for eight dollars.

I was also thrilled to find a beautiful lace runner at another market. Just a corner of it was peeking out from under some things in an unlikely booth. Nice and long and in perfect condition.

I haven't been doing much with lace and teacups lately it seems. I think of it more as a lawn party thing. (I don't know why . . .)  But my new finds make me want to gather things up for a dainty table.

The saucer.

The teacup has such a different personality when seen from overhead. Can't wait to introduce her to her new friends!

In the meantime, I'm out finding more beauty!
Hope you are too!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flea Market Garden Style

I thought I would share my grocery store flowers with you.

 I also picked up a flea market style magazine that made me want to get styling immediately! 

The roses got the wicker wrapped jar, and the tulips one of my favorite McCoy vases. A page from an old Cavallini & Co. calender gives everything a bit more interest.

We've had this old wicker plant stand stored away for awhile, and it's time to start keeping it company for spring. I'm sure it will be used a lot both inside and outside for the next season or two.

Vintage garden stuff is one of my favorite ways of displaying flea market style.

Nothing could be cheerier!
I got out junking this weekend and turned up some pretty terrific stuff! Can't wait to show you!
 How on earth did we get to the last week of March already?
Hope you have a terrific week!


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Choosing Linens

I tend to use hard working linens on my everyday table. And because I actually prefer the look, plain hefty linen with a nice weave gets more of a workout around here.

But special occasions can call for a bit more. And I also love pulling out the folded stacks for a beautiful airing for no other reason than to enjoy their beauty.

Isn't this eyelet monogram interesting?

I love cutwork embroidery a lot too. Both white on white, and the more tonal whites with ecru thread.

Decisions, decisions! These are all smaller tablesquares to use either on a smaller table or chair back, or laid over a larger cloth to show it off in the center. I love the look of layered linen.

More details.

Here's a closer look at the linen cloth with the crochet hem. 

It has an inset circle of lace in the center as well.

I thought I would show you one of my dressiest tablecloths. You may have noticed it on my table before. It's vintage Quaker Lace, but with a difference. . . .

Most Quaker Lace is made from cotton thread. Mine is all silk, which gives it a beautiful sheen and a nice springy texture.

I've never seen another like it.

I must tell you, choosing linens is a great way to start the day!

I hope your day is off to a good start too!

Happy Spring Weekend!


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