Friday, April 1, 2022

Fooled By April


Hello friends! Another month has slipped by. Happy April Fools Day! 

Nobody knows how the tradition started, but maybe it was the weather. Every day in April seems to surprise with drastic changes in temperature even in one day. Tricked by either by going out with short sleeves on a lovely warm morning only to be freezing by the afternoon, or the opposite: dressing too warm on a cool morning and sweltering by 5:00. At least that's how it happens here in Albuquerque! 

But I do love the layers of spring whether it's in the choice of clothing or in the unfolding of nature after a long sleep. Every day is a waiting surprise at what has bloomed, or leafed out, or greened up. The great joy of finding a daffodil or a little violet peeking through the winter brush can feel a little foolish, but we are creatures of nature after all!

Nothing cheerier than bringing the outside in! No surprise, but white blossoms are my favorite.

I'm also always wanting a display of nests which somehow seems a challenge to me. But a nice dish or bowl serves well to keep a delicate nest contained.


Illustrations from Maryjo Koch's book "Egg, Feather, Nest" get featured too. So many lovely pages to leaf through on a rainy (or snowy) day when the weather has fooled us again!.

I like what's inside to reflect what's going on outdoors, so little vignettes get posted everywhere while we're waiting for more vases to fill as the season moves on. As it will, all too fast.

I'm wishing you the cheeriest of springs! No fooling!

To share something from Third Eye Thoughts on Instagram: Speak positive words into your life every single morning. Think healing. Think peace. Think happiness.

Think Spring!

April bliss to you!