Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tabletop Signs of Spring

There aren't any rules of course, but there are items in my dish collections that tend to emerge mostly in spring. They show up like tulips and daffodils in a sort of bloom from behind the cupboards and drawers.  

This little bee skep pitcher is one of them, finding its place on the table after hibernating the winter away in a dark corner.

This early majolica dish says welcome to the season too. And although rose patterned teacups are at home all the year round, a gathering of floral linens and china seem extra perky in spring. . . .

What's springing up on your table lately?
I hope it's sweet!


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quail Eggs & Ironstone

I like a lot of things earthy and rustic. And maybe that's a good, because March is still brown in my home town. So I'm celebrating the arrival of the first month of Spring with the colors of earth tones and linen.

A riot of pastels will soon be the order of the day. But Edith's Country Diary still reflects the earliest hues for her March page. 

Our nearby fields are under plow, and it's easy to imagine a horse in harness passing by turning the earth into rows and ribbons of brown as everything else in the natural world is turning right along with it.


An ironstone dish of Quail eggs nesting in smooth linen.

The Cavallini & Co. desk calendar shows a different gorgeous animal for each month. Time for a new page!

January was one of my favorites.

Thanks for joining in the celebration!
I hope your new week is great!


Monday, February 27, 2012

afternoon roses

Late winter. Late afternoon. Fading roses. There is something about that convergence that requires a backlit window, a few old books, and an empty pitcher to add to the romantic nostalgia.

I always want to take pictures of a rose bouquet at its end for some reason. A sort of final gesture of thanks for the brief pleasure it gave. A way to extend the rose conversation. There will be more in time. But I don't buy roses so often that I ever take them for granted. And I don't have an abundant supply even when a few bloom in the garden. (A long way off.)

The calendar will turn soon, and an unpredictable winter will pass along with it. An odd and uncertain winter, in odd and uncertain times.

More than ever we need the comfort of old roses and old books and old vessels. Not because we're sad or in pain (though some of us indeed are), but because beauty and wisdom always seem in such short supply. . . .

Beauty to you. . .


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Iron Chairs, Garden Carts, Cement Urns & Wicker

It's the last weekend in February and just guess what's on my mind. Some of you have snow, and others, snowdrops and daffidils. But I can tell the season is early here in New Mexico by the little patch of weeds coming up in my driveway.
 W E E D S !

I'd rather look on the bright side and think about patio furniture instead. I'm not going to make any investment in plants that may need coddling until our last frost date near the end of April. I'll just enjoy what you have to offer from your lush California, Florida, or Aussie garden posts in the meantime.

We're having wonderful warm weather this weekend, and it's time for dusting things off and fixing things up for another all-too-short season in the sun. We still have a windy and changeable few weeks ahead, so an indulgent parade of reminders of the outdoor life soon to come seems in order. I hope you enjoy this sunny Sunday montage of garden inspired goodies. . . .

Enjoy what's left!


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