Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sugar Plum Fairy Table

The season has brought out a little of the Sugar Plum Fairy in me. But if you can't pull out all the stops for a fancy table this time of year when can you?

I sometimes get a little stage fright if I really have to pull some magic out of a hat for a special occasion, but entertaining a handful of close friends can be nothing but fun to set up. No special occasion required.

I have a few things that seem to never see the light of day. And the vintage French tablecloth I'm featuring here is one of them. There is nothing understated about it. Might as well pull out all the frothy stuff to go with it.

My grandmother used to put all her nice things away in a chest. And they never came out.

If we're not enjoying our fine things often, why have them?

China is vintage Wedgewood Queensware. Flatware and linens are also vintage.

Happy entertaining!
Ciao! for now!


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Loving Winter Garden Style

I love garden style. It seems a natural choice to bring out the garden decor when it's time to decorate with evergreens. I've used this short pot stand to serve from before, and now it's showcasing my boxwood wreath on the table.

I prefer to use live plants and flowers when I can. The boxwood will eventually dry and fade, and have a different kind of beauty.

My white Italian terracotta planter might have a miniature juniper tree or two later on, but now it's filled with spanish moss and acorns. (At least I think that's what they are. The children brought them home from the park, and they're huge. About two inches long and heavy.)

The moss and nuts are supporting my decorative plate, but the planter would be perfect for any number of things, from bling to books.

Natural elements can be a part of the decor in any season.

For now, while everything seems brittle and brown outside, it feels wonderful to bring a tiny bit of an evergreen winter garden indoors. . . .

I haven't made a trip to the nursery or florist yet for cut greens. I can't wait! It's time for a little pinecone gathering too. We have a little neighborhood tree lot right around the corner where we always get a tree. But we have to find room first!

 I hope you're enjoying a bit of evergreen too!
Ciao! for now!


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rituals of the Season

I don't send as many greeting cards as I once did, but I still buy them every year. There are tons of ways to use them, and I always find one or two designs irresistible.

I used to have to carve out time for the writing, addressing, and mailing. Now I do a few at a time over a few weeks. I find getting started early is better before things get too harried. And I've learned that a simple "Thinking of You" works as well as anything.

The last of the porch plants got brought in last night before the hard frost. (Thank You Mr. Cottage!) Already in pretty pots, the greenery makes things festive, and there's nothing like fresh Rosemary close by.

Scented candles are a must too. This one is from Anthropologie, and looks as good as it smells!

A few lacy linens and a tray for tea makes a cheery centerpiece for the moment for all the activity centered around the dining table. It will change all season.

All we need is a few yummy goodies! But all in good time. . . .

I hope you're enjoying the rituals of the season too!
Ciao! for now!


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