Monday, November 29, 2010

The Olde Christmas Cupboard

 Three seasons ago I mused about the passing of time and how fast it all flies. Many of you have already seen the changes I made in my English sideboard at that time. If you wish to see the post, you may find it again here. My sideboard has remained much the same until now.

 I like to incorporate my vintage collections into my seasonal decorating whenever I can. So I have replaced my brown transferware pieces with a different mishmash of china to usher in the new season.

 I'm not one for grand schemes during the holidays. Just before the big day we will put up a fresh evergreen tree. I love having a few live wreaths and a few sprigs to go with them all through the season. There's nothing like walking in at the end of the day to the smell of the woods to cheer you.

I picked up my first bunch of greens at the florist just before Thanksgiving and popped them into a large white ironstone pitcher of water. They're still soft and fragrant, ready for a photo shoot, and look festive just as they are in the vase.

I have used only a few pieces of my red vintage transferware as I want the overall effect to be mostly white. And I don't think that I will ever again buy a complete matching set of anything. What started out as thrifting out of necessity, has become my preferred style. I love looking at a mix of patterns and textures on my hutch.

 And my little doggies are a constant feature there.

I don't really know just how long I have loved and collected transferware, but I know my Victoria's fed the flames of my desire. The November 2000 issue pictured here carries an article on the process stating that "Transferware is so named because its designs are transferred by paper from engraved, inked copperplates to china forms."

As for influencing my mix and match style I offer you this observation from the article from ten years ago: "Rare indeed is the hostess who can bring out a whole set of antique dishes in a single pattern. But for a festive table, a play of patterns in a unifying color can be even more intriguing."  Well, there you have it!



"Rows of spotless plates winked from the shelves of the dresser from the far end of the room....
The ruddy brick floor smiled up at the smokey ceiling; the oaken settles, shiny with long wear, exchanged cheerful glances with each other; plates on the dresser grinned at pots on the shelf, and the merry firelight flickered and played over everything without distinction....

In the embracing light and warmth, warm and dry at last, with weary legs propped up in front of them, and a suggestive clink of plates being arranged on the table behind, it seemed to the storm-driven animals, now in safe anchorage, that the cold and tractless Wild Wood just left outside was miles and miles away, and all that they had suffered in it a half-forgotten dream."

Mr. Badger chapter, The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

 Thanks for joining in the festivities!
 Please come again soon.
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Jacqueline ~ What a lovely setting & the greens just add the 'punch' for holiday charm.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. All of your white, so fresh and lovely... and especially with the bit of greenery. Love the doggies!!
    Very relaxing to look at and enjoy.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. How beautiful it all that incense cedar in the bowl??? I also get some from the florist each year and scrape the bark for the aroma.....and I'm with you kid, love the mix and unmatch style, it always reminds me of days gone by.....hugs...cleo

  4. What a fabulous post! And the pics are gorgeous. Thank you so much for the lovely story, made me feel all warm, whilst the snow settles outside!!

  5. "Oh how I want to scoop up armfuls of your dishes and take them home with me", AS you say, they don't have to match ANYTHING else, they all look SO comfortable together! LOVE it ALL! I too prefer not using matching sets. I think it's SO MUCH more fun to "have it all". Just HOW MANY different shades of white to you think there are??? and we could have a cup of each, don't you think? I'm in LOVE with that "Lacy looking white cup of yours with the little rosy rose(In the VERY first picture) Do you have a manufacturer on it or know the pattern...If I were to come over for tea, could I use it "Please"???
    Hugs to you,

  6. i really admire how you do all your props and the beautiful photographs you post. i love your blog period.

  7. What a lovely post about your beautiful china hutch. It is 'simply' beautiful. And the doggies are a whimsical addition.

  8. I so enjoyed seeing your displays of lovely dishes. The sprigs of greenery look perfect mixed amongst them. And I love your collection of little dogs. Just beautiful!


  9. Jacqueline, What a gorgeous display in your hutch. I am such a fan of transferware and ironstone so you know I love all of yours. The little dogs are adorable.
    Happy Holidays,

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  11. Hello! I am visiting from Met Monday and I just had to let you know how absolutely beautiful your Christmas cupboard is! I love all the white transferware.

  12. So pretty... your dishes are lovely, the puppies are adorable and the greenery is lovely! Great photos!

  13. I feel like I just went back in time looking at your gorgeous display.

    By the way, Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my all time favorite movies....

    Take care,

  14. Just found you at Between Naps on the Porch. Very charming cupboard you have there-your little dogs are precious! Love the quote too!

  15. Just beautiful and I love the quote. I have just finished crochetng edging for my cabinets in the kitchen and was very inspired to see your...I also changed out the dishes today to my red and white transfer ware. I can only hope that it looks half as good as yours...I will be posting it later this month.(-:

  16. This is just beautiful, Jacqueline! I am adding little touches of dark green to my hutch this Christmas!

  17. This is so so so beautiful...............lovely Jaqueline!!.....happy new week Ria....

  18. Thanks Cabin and Cottage for your ladies touches in the home again.
    I use some of your ideas to add a little charm to my cabin...

    Thanks so much!
    Mel's Cabin

  19. You have inspired me to add some linens to my black hutch in the kitchen, Jacqueline. It is currently filled with white dishes but I think it needs that extra shot of charm. Love your transferware and how you've incorporated the greenery and the white ironstone with it. And your dog collection... amazing.
    ~ Sue

  20. It looks charming,J! Perfectly arranged.
    O just finished reading your previous posts, right down to tje pie!

  21. Hi Jacqueline, Thanks so much for your note on my post and the instructions. I haven't done a link yet as I'm a bit timid working my way around these things - scared I'll make a mistake :-) But I really appreciate your instructions and will try doing it. Thanks so much! I really enjoy your blog. Your photos are amazing of all your beautiful things and vignettes. Keep it up!
    Blessings, Pamela

  22. Jacqueline, I am always intrigued by your display vignettes! You have an artistic hand - I wonder when I display things how they'd look painted - everytime you create settings that are painting worthy! Absolutely beautiful - love your transferware, the creamware and those adorable dogs!
    I imagined the woodsy scent of your greenery!
    Thank you for joining me this week at A Return to Loveliness,

  23. Your china cabinet is set with such beautiful pieces. is calm and serene and yet has that wintery, holiday feel and charm.It is all just lovely!

  24. What a great hutch and beautifully displayed. I love the dog collection. I have added the same greenery to mine. Great minds think alike.

  25. What a wonderful redo on the sideboard.. it's absolutely lovely and so ready for the Christmas season.

  26. Loving all the white with your transferware. The fresh greenery is the perfect touch. Very romantic and a lovely glimpse of Christmas past.

  27. Hi Jacqueline, I am catching up and so glad I didn't miss this!! Your photos are gorgeous, full of beauty! I am glad to see the pretty cup with the rose inside make an appearance, I drool over it everytime! A whole pack of dogs you have there!! Another thing we have in common, only yours are the quiet and clean variety:-))

  28. Hello Jacqueline, how are you? I just picked you from Bella Rose Cottage and I am so happy that I found you. such a great treasure you have... from china to crochet everything is so delicate and beautiful... A very feminine touch with a bit of romance... very lovely...
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  29. Would love for you to join my party, too if you would like. Still loving those cute dogs.

  30. Thanks so much for joining. Just adore that bird cup, too. I would love some of those.

  31. I love your china cabinet!! It looks so gorgeous.It is just elegant.


  32. What a beautiful and romantic cupboard. Just reminds me of happy times for some reason!! Thanks for sharing!

  33. So beautiful! Your story and pictures are wonderful!
    Thanks for linking up! You have a gorgoeus blog :)

  34. This is absolutely lovely! Your crisp white dishes ... the beautiful dogs and the touch of greenery. Perfect! *Becca*

  35. It's elegant and beautiful! Happy holidays! ♥

  36. Just beautiful, you certainly have an eye for beauty! Love your linens too!


  37. Everything looks just stunning!... I love your transferware, (I love the old Victorias too)... and your collection of little doggies is just precious... xoxo Julie Marie

  38. Oh Friend,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas vignettes with us, they are delightful!
    Hope your Holiday is a Blessed one!!

  39. This is stunning! It looks like it's right out of the pages of Victoria magazine!!!

  40. I'm swooning over your display. Love that red transferware.

  41. OMGosh, I am sooo in the COVET mode..this all looks so beautiful.
    You have chosen wisely your collections. It all looks just beautiful here, dressed in it's Christmas finery.
    I am going to work on my dining room today and I am hoping to do with blue that you've done with your reds. You have just inspired the heck out of me...oh...and I am going for fresh greens today, too.
    I can never afford one of the pretty live wreaths but maybe I can do something pretty with just a few springs..
    Have a beautiful day while I am trying like crazy to make MY hutch anywhere nearly as lovely as yours.:))
    xo bj

  42. I never tire of looking at these pictures. Terry

  43. What a totally charming display...I do agree that a blend of plates is much more appealing visually than the entire matchy matchy set look...And how wonderful that thrifting helps us achieve just it.

    Blessings Kelsie

  44. What a beautiful post you wrote. From the inspiring pictures to the words of Mr. Badger. I adore your understated style. Your collection is just amazing, I have that same Victoria. Unfortunately I don't have the restraint you do. You give me cause to rethink it tho! Lisa

  45. What a gorgeous post - all the treasures are photographed so well.

    Happy Holidays to you & yours!

  46. Just beautiful JQ, your red transfer and white are just perfect for this time of the year. What a great idea for the greens, they're just wonderful. Your cupboard is so gorgeous, makes me think I'm in the English countryside!
    Thanks for always coming to the party,
    big hugs,

  47. Beautiful display, Jacqueline! So soft and festive! Great photos!


  48. So enjoyed the pictures of your lovely sideboard. Love the white and transferware.

  49. Beautiful! I love your style of decorating, all of the white and doilies and lace are so very gorgeous!
    Hugs, Cindy

  50. Just beautiful Jacqueline! I have a few pieces of red and found my first piece of green transfer ware yesterday at Scott's Antique Market here in Columbus. I will always have you to thank for exposing me to transfer ware and I am eternally grateful that your love for it has rubbed off on me.

  51. Wonderful pieces! ..and I'm your newest follower! Hugs from Istanbul!



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