Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Farmhouse Table

The rooms are small in my southwest style adobe home, so I'm always glad to find classic farmhouse style in cottage size. This farm table and cupboard are just three feet wide. The table was no doubt designed as more of a work island. But it's also perfect for an eat in kitchen.

The oversized drawer spans the length of the table for lots of storage.

I'm displaying a few of my very favorite things on it today.

Super soft vintage damask linen.

Ironstone platters and bowls.

Old glass, and vintage mix and match silverplate flatware.

Milk glass shakers.

Susan's Between Naps on the Porch
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Friday, April 29, 2011

On Picture Taking

The time isn't yet right for me to take up photography. My latest plunge was starting this blog about a year ago, and I know barely enough about that to stay in the game! I have yet to do a single mosaic or Photoshop or Picnik. But I have taken a lot of travel photos pre-digital with a point and shoot, using quite a succession of automatic cameras. I had a habit of wearing out the motors using the zoom lens! But I was doing a lot of travel, and shooting tons of pictures. I practised composition, and a few very well known basics.

I have a couple of real cameras that I choose not to be hampered with in adventure travel. And let's face it. All travel has become adventure travel. I bought the Olympus Stylus 1050 SW that I now use two years ago just before my last African safari. Our camp was to have a solar generator I could use to charge the battery over the two week stay in a tent (versus a "tented camp") at a bend in the Mara River in Kenya. The generator didn't work efficiently, so I wasn't very happy at my initiation into the world of digital. But that's Africa! Backup batteries and wilderness issues aside, a tiny camera that will shoot underwater and still fit in your pocket is also a good option in civilization. I carry a camera wherever I go like a lot of bloggers do.

Sometimes I have the luxury of shooting under prime conditions, and also manage to use the few settings I've learned to exploit at the same time, before I have to run out the door to take care of business. More often, it's in inferior or waning light that I do what I call kamikaze blogging. Hasty set up and execution, which at times, I confess, just ends up looking like an actual execution! Not so pretty. But I will someday in the future eventually unpack and use the actual equipment for my blogging.

I've noticed that a few of my bad pictures look rather a little bit somewhat slightly like those someone has gone out of their way to produce. Fuzzy. Or cloudy. Or off colored. You know, romantic. But it is a generous community we are part of, and I am so glad about the encouragement and support that has so energetically been offered my way.

It's been a fun journey. And I am still in awe of all you real photographers out there, and so glad that when I boot up first thing in the morning I'm going to trek on over to some of the most breathtaking views that blogland has to offer. Thanks so much for letting some of us clip on to your line!

I like the lead photo here which was taken in shady natural light outdoors in macro mode. The others were shot with available light indoors. I added lamp light in the photo below to better illuminate the painting.

Safari mizuri! (Good journey!) Have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Luxuries

Wedding season, graduation, and the Royal celebration all have me thinking of little luxuries, so I felt like putting together a small collection of little glitzy things.

Nothing dresses up an intimate personal space like pretty vintage bottles. This one by Geurlain sports delightful Napoleonic honey bees.

Little beaded purses from the fifties seem to have almost universal appeal. I'm attracted to the white ones. There's no replicating the patina of those aged pearl beads.

What is more indulgent than an exquisite vintage lace handkerchief? 

I'm thinking this one is a tatting stitch. Beautiful and delicate.

The essential vintage compact mirror.

An elegant vintage beaded bag can make a lady feel special even if it only decorates the dresser top.

This little antique Limoges butter pat makes a nice pin tray.

A vintage dresser tray is almost all you need to corral a few sweet things on a night table or vanity.

An aged fabric rose pin dresses up this tray.

Ah, life's little luxuries!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal English China

At the center of the show today are some of my favorite pieces. English transfer ware! It's my small nod to the upcoming royal event of the new century. The small teapot is Royal Staffordshire by Wilkinson in the wheat pattern. And my little cow is Charlotte by Royal Crownford. How appropriate.

I'm usually not one to fuss with too many layers, but it just felt like it this time. So I have one more layer than usual, and lots of pattern and movement. Because the colors are quiet, we get a lot of detail without it being too busy.

Everything is laid in lacy vintage linen. Only the best will do for such an important occasion.

Vintage silver with the family monogram.

A Haviland Limoges pattern is at the base. Sometimes you get to be the star, and other times you're just the supporting actor. Next is a set of salad plates from Anthropologie, topped by lacy glass bowls.

The tureen is also English, of course, by John Maddock and Sons.

The airy details make it a good spring choice.

There is a very subtle blue in the flowers that I love.

My little transfer ware shakers are shaped like teacups with a bit of pastel color on top.

A cut work tablecloth drapes the table.

The details in the tablecloth almost become part of the place setting.

Glasses are assorted etched vintage stemware.

Each of the set of four salad plates is different.

Thanks so much for coming by for the show! I hope you enjoy all the festivities, if you're into that sort of thing. I have a friend who is taking off work to get up early for the wedding. I may still BE up for it, night owl that I am.

 Ciao! for now!


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