Monday, July 30, 2012

Prints, Dishes & Shells

I didn't finish my cloche vignette before my trip, but I got lots of inspiration for it while I was gone. I love a mix of elements from nature, and visiting VIGNETTES at Ocean Beach made me want to see lots of white and shells.

I do that dance between wanting a spare look and then wanting lots to look at. I don't suppose you really have to choose between the two. One time it's one thing, and then it can be another.

Weeds and botanical prints, dishes and shells. It all makes for a lively mix of texture and shape with a little gleam mixed in.

I've been wanting to pair this milkglass compote with a glass cloche for some time now. So many vignettes. . . . So little time. . . .

And here we are turning another corner on summer!
I'm wishing a very fond farewell to July. . . .

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and visits!
 I still have quite a few left to return --
I'm off to see what you all have been up to!

Have a fabulous week ahead!


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Old DeSoto and the Grand Hotel del Coronado

We managed to fit in a little time travel on our last day in San Diego, starting with this fabulous old 1949 woody De Soto Station Wagon owned by Rich Grosch of Ocean Beach. Isn't she a beauty?

Right down to the beautifully restored old surfboards on top.

It would be the perfect transportation to take us over to the historic old Hotel del Coronado which I have wanted to visit for a long time.

The drive over the amazing curving bridge to Coronado Island makes you feel like you are leaving ordinary behind. And nothing could be more true.

Seeing the beautiful homes and the community are well the trouble with traffic. Even the flowers grow larger than life on the island! 

This is a single hydrangea bloom.

We had time for only a skip through the hotel and property, but it was enough to be transported through the genteel time of its former day.

Built in 1888, it once sat right on the sea, with the waves lapping up to the verandas. 

Spectacular in the midday sun.

Oceanside view.

The beach has grown much wider over time, and now sports elegant tents and umbrellas for the patrons.

The gorgeous interiors do not disappoint.

The inviting west facing Victorian bar, right off the beach.

The bustling hotel lobby, with it's breathtaking chandeliers and coffered ceilings..

I only wish we had more time and much deeper pockets to linger awhile!
Thanks for coming along for the tour. . . .


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Friday, July 27, 2012

My Visit to VIGNETTES at Ocean Beach

Even when you've heard of it, seen pictures, and already know it's going to be great, there's really no way to be prepared for Vignettes at Ocean Beach, San Diego.

Just peeking in the windows, you know you're in for something fantastatic.

Just enter the front door and hold on to your hat!

Sensory overload!!!!

I even got to see that painted upholstery thing! Very cool!

Hat box.

"Now this is cool. . . . Very cool," said Mr. Cottage of these mason jars on stems.

There is a set of four of these. Ask me if I like them.

Oh my, visit if you ever can!
Me? I have to go get back in my body now!
Back soon,


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