Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Simple Vintage Style Bathroom

I have a husband, six sons, a son-in-law, and three grandsons, so it makes sense that our main bath leans in a masculine direction.

Maybe that's why I also love to collect vintage man gear that seems always relegated to dens and offices. And to men. But I know tons of women who are attracted to the Ralph Lauren style, canvas, and old leather.

As it turns out, a bathroom can be incredibly hard to photograph.

There are the mirrors to work around, and all that practical stuff needs to be stowed away. But I like having great looking practical stuff so that you can leave it all out!

Aren't bathrooms interesting? Who isn't tempted to peek inside all those cabinets and drawers? But you won't find many in this small bath. I just took out a small chest of drawers that I've had in here for years, and there is no medicine cabinet to peek into either. 

I want to make other changes in here, and taking a few "before" photos actually helps with that. Things stand out that you don't notice otherwise. Other than paint (eventually) there won't be any major renovations. Only cosmetic changes.

I'm sure I'll keep the vintage mood. But I have already taken out a few things that were only taking up space. In a small bath everything has to earn its keep and be easy to clean. The little wicker bottle gets to stay.

I found that the vanity drawers and cupboards were being under used, and removed anything I might toss if I were moving. So much gets accumulated over time that you never give a second thought to.

I like the apothecary suggestion of necessary rooms, and have an old purple glass jar for soap alongside some reproductions. We use both terry and vintage towels. I like the ones with a loop sewn in for hanging. 

Chamber pots are a great accessory for a bath. I wanted a big antique basin and pitcher too, but no room!

Almost everything on the wall will change. Maybe the curtain too.

An old cigar box for guest soaps. My inspiration for this was my DIL Sharon. She has a big basket in her bathroom in which she tosses all those hotel freebees she comes across in her traveling job.  

I'm using an antique newspaper rack for vintage towels, but the newspaper can be tossed in here too. A small calender or notes could be posted here.

An old locker basket holds tissue rolls.

Paper towels make it quick work to tidy up a constantly used loo, and even encourages people to clean up after themselves!

I found these mysterious old pages in the back of one of the drawers.

I already like the small changes. Removing the chest of drawers made a big difference in space. A little can go a long way. But I have a sudden impulse to go shopping for lotions and potions, and shop Bath and Beyond! Any excuse for indulgence. . . . What are you up to this week?
Hope it's fun!


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  1. Funny I took photos of my girly bath today and it is hard with no light and all the mirrors and me in pj's. This bath is fabulous and the jars are wonderful. I always like jars full of soaps. The wicker jar is sweet and I bet you could sell hundreds if you had them.

  2. That is a LOT of left up toilet lids!


  3. I love the masculine side of this still looks so pretty and clean though!
    That's a lot of boys! :)

  4. You have a lot of men in your life! I love the look of all the old wood with your pristine whites.

  5. Love your bathroom. So relaxing. You have so many beautiful vintage bottles.

    Hugs Bente

  6. I love mixing white with wood or baskets.Yes it is masculine but feminine also.It really works.Thank you for the idea with your antique chamber pot.Why did I not think to put it in the bathroom to store toilet paper?Lovely bathroom and great ideas.

  7. Very nice, I think you have captured the masculine and feminine thing together very well. Bathrooms are so interesting! :D

  8. I love your bathroom decor and I think it appeals to both sexes. I'm not sure I'd change a thing.


  9. it's a great "salle de bain!" i love it....oh my SIX sons?? deserve a medal!! lol! :)

  10. Wow, these are the before pictures??? This is way nicer than my afters! Looks great - love it.

    I'm glad to have discovered your blog.

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  11. you're right about the bathroom being hard to photograph!
    I've been working on my bathroom now for about a month and taking pictures it's definitely hard to do... and it never fails when I start snapping pictures, and get them loaded onto the computer-- the seat is ALWAYS UP! The changes I've made are only cosmetic too-- who can afford anything other than that these days?!
    But the little changes are nice. I like your bathroom -- it does look pristine and I too can't believe the befores!

    I'm to the decorating stages of my bathroom make over-- and I'm shopping the house.

    We'll see what I can come up with!

    take care now, Pat

  12. I don't have as may boys as you do, but I can relate to your sentiments in this delightful post. It left me smiling!
    Mary Alice

  13. Pretty! I like what you've got going on around the "potty". : D
    Are you going to paint the cabinets? That would be really neat!


  14. You are certainly outnumbered by boys! At least the room is big enough to fit a piece of furniture in it. Our main bathroom fits the fixtures and that's about it.

  15. what a lovely bathroom
    you have created for you home

    i'll bet you get away
    for relaxing baths
    as often as possible

    thanks for sharing at
    Fridays Unfolded!


  16. How blessed you are to have a hubby that enjoys your vintage treasures. Enjoy your redecorating ~ everything looks wonderful!

  17. 6 sons, 1 SIL and 3 grandsons.
    Awesome !!!
    I have 4 sons, (one daughter) 1 SIL, and 4 grandsons.
    I love the bathroom. It actually although you said it was small, looks bigger then the one and only bathroom we have.
    Takes some realy "thinking" to operate with teeny spaces eh.
    I love white towels and linens in bathrooms.
    Everything you seem to put together looks GREAT

  18. I like to look at what others put in their bathrooms, because soon we will have our "new" bathroom finished. Hummm, maybe I need to get some "goodies" for it....
    Take a
    I have been covering it for a few days....

  19. Love what you've done Jacqueline, textures and colors all look great against the white!

  20. You have a beautiful blog. I´m glad I have found you!

  21. I love the look of your bathroom! I'm loving the simple white with the "natural" colors and's not extremely masculine but not too girly either. I love the newspaper rack as a towel holder! I also had my eye on the picture on the wall of the sailing ship! I love old maritime pictures of ships!

  22. Oh.. I'm a huge fan of lotions and potions and 'products' with vintage labels. And there's something very sensuous about a room with both feminine and masculine touches. Your bathroom captures that so well.

  23. A great bathroom and I especially like the mix of terry and vintage towels. Only 3 guys here (hubby and two young teen sons) but I have many many nephews, grand-nephews, brothers and bil's always stopping by. I like things a bit on the rustic side so they feel comfortable too.

  24. Love this room! Beautiful blend of pretty and practical!

  25. Adorable and really inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  26. It's hard to believe these are your before pictures. It's a wonderful room, so serene. Six are blessed.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful room at Potpourri Friday!

  27. Hi J,
    Even your loo is lovely!! I am crazy for lotions and potions, a spa in a bottle... calgone take me away:-) Love your collection, and that PURPLE glass... SWOON!!!

  28. Jacqueline,
    Oh~h~h! if this is the BEFORE...I can't wait for the AFTER! Lovely male dominat bath! I don't use a lot of "jams and jellies"...I'm such a "plain jane"! Enjoy your shopping trip!

  29. Such a great vintage bathroom that you managed to capture very well in pictures!

  30. Oh, I love this bathroom! Such a pretty room with all of the white and natural materials. I love the masculine edge of it. So pretty!
    Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  31. Beautiful details , complete the great old atmosphere, beautiful bathroom!Michaela

  32. Beautiful bathroom inspiration! I am doing a powder room makeover for the One Room Challenge and you have given me some lovely ideas. Timeless styling!


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