Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Over the River, Through the Woods . . .

Meet Patches! We are spending a little time with her and the people she owns for a few days.

It's so good to see the views from the windows of your loved ones far away once in a while, and to share the rhythm of their days.

It's colder than it looks out there! But it's a great perch for watching flamboyant magpies, free range hens, and even deer in the morning while sitting down to a steaming bowl of warm oatmeal. There is now frost on all those gathered pumpkins, and snow in the forecast!

And of course, it's great to shop their shops too! I think I may have to go back and snatch up this darling teapot from Planted Earth in Orem Utah. 

Birdies and brown transferware. What could be more perfect?

If this doesn't get you in the mood, I don't know what will!

"Do you like this?" asks Mr. Cottage, reaching out for that gorgeous tin cone. (Uh. . . , what do YOU think?)

Wonderful laces in a showcase.

Yummy toile paper bags.

I can tell right now that my own mannequins at home are very underdressed!

A fun display of frames upstairs!

More lovelies in store up here too. . . .

From time with loved ones, to the smallest joys . . .

 So much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope there are wonderful days ahead for you this week wherever you are. . . .


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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweet Vintage For The Holidays

Like many of you I have been busy getting things ready. We travel a bit this time of year and so I am always thinking ahead a couple of weeks. I'm not one of those people who can think about Christmas in July, so my crafting time is limited to what can be done just shortly before all the excitement hits. Usually pretty simple.

This soft vintage apron I came across yesterday is perfect for the occasion! Just ironed, it's light as air, like handkerchief linen, and drapes beautifully. Holly is one of my favorite motifs. And I like the mostly white background of the pattern.

I  also recently came across a stack of adorable vintage baby dresses at a giveaway price and decided to do just that! I'm giving some away just for show. 

I always have a few hanging in the girl's guest room year 'round, and love the precious details. I kept this batch as I found them in order to preserve the luscious antique color. 

Some other year (but probably not) I will fashion something festive and original to fasten on, but for now I have only added a vintage hanger, and a bit of ribbon and a tag for cheer.

The hem on this one is so sweet!

And all of those darling, tiny pintucks are so pretty!

The minute I saw this sheer dress I thought it would look fantastic in a Christmas vignette.

All it needs are a few vintage toys to complete the scene. . . .

A bit of Victorian lace added. . . .

This is just a simple underdress, but it has the most amazing details at the hem that should be shown off!

Those are little winged cherubs on the eyelet scallops.

And the hand-hemmed stitches are still visible where it has been sewn on, as you can see. I just adore the noblility in these humble old baby things! They remind me of the care and simplicity that once was part of everyday life. 

I seem to enjoy the very earliest stirrings of the holiday season best, enjoying a few quiet moments in my cozy work room before I have to think of what to pack or wrap to take with me on the road.

I hope it's a lovely White Wednesday for you too!


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

transferware, limoges, & colors of a vintage winter

The holidays usually unfurl pretty gradually for me. Little tokens of the biggest fest of the year are already appearing here and there around our place. Some folks can't abide it, but the season starts earlier for retailers and bloggers!  

I love white of course. (Like you didn't know that. . .) But I also love soft greys with gold and pastels in their quiet measures. (My eucalyptus sprigs have dried to about the perfect shade of green for me.)

And plenty of silver! I plopped a little tree inside of this trophy just to see how it looks, so I guess it's official. Decorating has begun!

Brown transferware too!

Here's a new jug that I have added to my collection. A few evergreens would be perfect tucked into it. Don't you love the lettering?

I love its pretty maker's mark too. . . .

You can see its smaller size next to my Rosepoint sugar bowl. It fits right in like it was always there!

I already have a little pile of Shiny Brites in all the right colors that have been hidden away in plain sight for the last year on the sideboard. I'm in love with that wash of merest pink in the one with the stripe.

And talk about serendipity! A new vintage Limoges teacup I recently found combines all of the hues of a perfect vintage winter!

I would love a complete set of this pattern for the table! But I'll just have to add this one to the rest of my wishful dreams. . . .

Whether you launch early or late, I hope you are enjoying a few of your own wishes and dreams for the season!

Happy White Wednesday!


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