Friday, July 1, 2011

Guest House Laundry

Brenda of Cozy Little House says that I must have run a B&B in a former life. But there is nothing "former" about it. And it includes lunch and dinner too! Maybe she means I got paid. And isn't it nice to think so.

It's only family that comes to visit. But there are a lot of beds involved, and they all need freshening for the new arrivals.

I love fresh cottons so it isn't a chore. And now that I have a bunch of grand-daughters I get to indulge pink to my heart's content.

My pin bag is a flea market rescue. Some of the old unique clothespins I have shown on the Cabin & Cottage blog have come from here. I know there are limitless darling cute pin bags out there, but I love the honesty of this one. Made of heavy canvas with large hasty-looking stitches, it was never meant as a work of art.

You may know that I love collecting and using vintage linens. Vintage print bed sheets in good condition are harder to find. This one is Dan River from a former time, and similar to one I posted last week.

Ninety percent of my bed linen is thrifted. Beautiful linen can be quite expensive otherwise, so I can indulge myself to the limit. And I have the bulging dressers and linen closets to prove it!

Like a lot of you, I love Rachel Ashwell designs, and I spring for a new set maybe once in a season. The sheet on the left is hers.

These designs shown side by side are thrifted Ralph Lauren.

Vintage pink pillow slips.

All done!

Nice to have you visiting at the Cabin & Cottage Guest House! Hurry back!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Your vintage sheets are so pretty and with 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters, I've been able to use pink to my heart's content.
    For years I used perma-press sheets but like you have been buying some vintage cotton and actually enjoy the ironing after they dry on the clothesline.

  2. How wonderful to hang out your vintage linens, and what a fantastic collection you have. I, too love them, wash and hang them out, and use them on all my beds. My favorites are the embroidered pillow cases. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  3. Your linen is beautiful!! OK, tell me you did not iron the sheets!!! Lord girl you are from a previous era! I could love to crawl in those sheets, I can smell them now!!


  4. Hi J,
    Beautiful pink and fresh! I think I can smell them from here:-)
    LOVE LOVE all those pretty pink sheets:-)
    Enjoy your full house!

  5. Wow what beauty!! I bet they smell heavenly! And I know that was a ton of work too. Very pretty!
    Blessings, Doni

  6. One of the things I enjoyed the most out of my MIL's belongings was the linens. When everything went to storage for the month... after her house sold... I couldn't leave the linens there for the mice to have their way. NO! I brought them all home and washed them and hung them on the line... and folded them and filled the dresser with them. I love them. They are great quality, high thread count, and beautiful prints. OH, and some have hand stitched crocheted trims too...
    I love them!
    Yours are beautiful.

  7. I just adore your linens hanging on the line! Beautiful!!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Hi sweetie,
    I just loved your post this week and it takes me back, far back to my grandmothers clothes line. I always loved hanging out clothes in the sunshine with wooden clothes pins. She had pulleys at each end of the line, so all she had to do was stand then, hang and pull. Everything smelled so fresh and was so white. I remember her using a bottle of bluing on the whites.
    She didn't have a washer, everything was washed in a large laundry tub and put through the wringer. I wish I was back there experiencing the simplicity of it all.
    Your linens are beautiful and they beg the question, do you have a magel? (not too sure of the spelling of that one)
    I have guest room linens that I bought at Eddie Bauer Home years ago and they have to be ironed. They are so lovely that I don't mind.
    Thank you sweet one for a wonderful share this week, Char

  9. I love vintage pillow cases. They are so hard to find now. They make great gifts to ailing friends wrapped up with a lovely pretty soap. Never see them in thrift stores.

  10. What a lovely post and a tribute to the cloths line and thriftiness. I did have a B&B for 10 years at our home on the lake in Nelson BC. I still have some of those sheets...and adore their brings back such wonderful memories of hanging them up and see them sway in the breeze!

  11. Beautiful linens! Reminds me of when I'd spend the week at my grandmother's in the country. She always put the sheets on the line to dry. Your post makes me want to start collecting vintage sheets. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. There's nothing more sweet to the soul than pretty linens hanging on a clothesline. Great thrifted linens too! Good eye and good buys. Love it!

  13. I always thought people would think I was nuts using old, thrifty sheets and pillow cases but after looking at your beautiful photos of them I could care less! I'm now on the look out for them after seeing yours, I remember my mom hanging sheets and pillow cases on the line and how clean and fresh it smelled running thur them:) Thanks for the memory today!
    Have a wonderful 4th and also thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower, it is so apprectiated!


  14. They are beautiful. I remember my mom doing her sheets on the clothesline...and I also remember her ironing them. Uh, sorry, not for me. I have your typical boring dryer sheets...if I have company, I may touch up the pillow cases and top sheet border!!

  15. Happy Pink Saturday Jacqueline Sweetie...
    Oh what memories you gave me this morning. I can smell the clean linen as it is hung out to dry. I can remember running the rows of laundry and diving underneath to see if I could slide by and not touch the sheets as Momma reminded sternly.

    Oh the colors are so beautiful, and I even have a couple of those patterns as well. Jacqueline sweetie, thank you for the beautiful share of loveliness this morning. It was simply delightful. You really go the extra mile sweetie for the visitors/family that come to visit. I bet your home is full all the time. A hostess with the mostess sweet one.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend. You have certainly made mine brighter. Happy 4th of July as well. Many hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  16. Love those floral linens! Must have taken ages to iron!

  17. What lovely sheets and linens you always have! You've brought back some sweet memories from my childhood today. When my mother would hang out the laundry, my job was to hand her the old fashioned clothes pins! I can almost smell those fresh sheets and feel the cool breeze that passed by my tiny face from the dampness.
    Be a sweetie and have a wonderful 4th!
    Shelia ;)

  18. love all the pink rose linens! I love having company....wish more people would come visit and stay a spell. Well, I guess they do at 1515 my weekend house. I always want the stay to me cozy.

  19. What a pretty collection of bed linens...coming to visit you must be like sleeping in a flower garden. (-:

  20. Well, your beautiful post makes me want to run and do a 'load of laundry' just to enjoy hanging out and smelling of it! I have yet to find any vintage bed linens, but I have a friend in another town who has many....they really FEEL good too! Love the pink...such a cheerful post! Thanks, pat

  21. All your pretty linens remind me of helping my grandmothers hang up the sheets and other laundry on their clotheslines. So pretty!

  22. Your vintage sheets are sooo beautiful and delicate. And I agree they are so hard to find. I love your collection, especially the first one is my favorite. I love pink and white and I love your beautiful blog. I'm a big fan and follower! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving me a sweet comment. I enjoyed reading it. Happy 4th to you!~Poppy

  23. Nothing lovelier than sun glowing through rose sprigged sheets, ruffling in a warm breeze!

  24. Ahhhh! Your lucky guests!! I envy them! The linens are beautiful and you've certainly stirred some sentimental memories! by the way, I just got back from visiting Sundance---no sighting of Robert though! Love, Kay

  25. Oh my goodness I love all your sheets!! I'd love to run right thru that line and grab em right and left! *winks* There's almost nothing nicer than beautiful vintage sheets cool and just a little crisp from the outdoors with that fresh dried scent at bed time! *sighs dreamily* Vanna


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