Thursday, May 2, 2019

My Blooming Snowball Bush

Viburnum, Guelder Rose, or Snowball Bush, by any other name it looks and smells as sweet, right? Although I don't think it gives off much of a fragrance. . . . That doesn't stop me from looking forward to its bloom all year!

There is nothing like flowers to change the whole attitude of a room, and I forget from time to time what an impact a lovely bouquet can make. I mean whole blogs are run on just armfuls of flowers! I don't know how it's done. 

I go through phases where I indulge regularly on grocery store bunches, but even in the warmer months there is never a profusion of bloom straight from our garden around here. So each little petal is cherished and dresses up the ordinary in our rooms. 

I love how long they last after cutting too.

Looking back over past posts it's amazing how rooms can evolve from year to year. But I like a little something new to look at when the season changes. Still enjoying my doggies in this room, so I have added a little still life behind them as a back drop.

No major changes right now, but I get a lot of satisfaction from my revolving collections, and never change things up much anyway. A lace tablecloth is the other different thing for this week in the dining room.

Always my dish collections too, of course.

But the new things get featured more, like this recent pansy covered pitcher on the shelf. I have been looking for just the right droopy purple flowers to put in it. And I like seeing my birdie platters in the spring too.

The floral Evian bottles get pulled out in the spring and summer. . . .

And this little white Johnson Brothers pitcher is new to me along with its little matching vanity vase. So fun to find things together like that!

Here is the vase holding more flowers....

That little squat ironstone pitcher is a new flea find too.

As is the vintage glass celery jar. Pressed glass is another one of my weaknesses. Remember when celery and carrots were always on the table right along with the bread and butter? Anyway there are so many pretty versions to be found around now, some of them turning purple. 

So for a few days my dining room is going to feel a bit festive with the May Day blooms around. So happy for spring to be here!

So nice that you stopped by!

Welcome to May!

Hope it's a great weekend for you ahead!