Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sweet Dreams

I was so lucky to come upon a little stash of pretty linens at a giveaway price this weekend! I don't mind at all having just a single pillowcase when it looks this pretty.

These lovely Madeira applique napkins were a bargain until I realized that they had sticky tape residue on them! I did my best with a soak, but without much success. I Googled a remedy, but it didn't really work for me. I will use them unironed and keep washing them a ton. It may help.

I always pick up plain all cotton pillowcases too when I can. Besides being a basic for the bed, they are perfect used as a cloth sack for storing quilts and other linen that you need to keep fresh, organized, and breathing freely.

A new pitcher joined the collection as well. I have a bunch already, but a pretty white pitcher makes a perfect all occasion gift. Especially with a fresh bouquet tucked in!

I don't get a lot of small embroidered pieces anymore, but this one was too charming to pass up! A pretty piece like this is a great way to get the youngest generation going on appreciating vintage linen.

But my favorite new find is this delicate little doily with a knitted lace edge. The french knots, and the bitty touch of yellow just stole my heart away! Worked on fine linen, and still in perfect condition. 

The top folded piece is another pillowcase single. It also has a rarer knitted lace trim versus the usual crochet edge like the one underneath. Any all white pieces work wonderfully together. I wouldn't think twice about gifting a mis-matched pair of beautifully worked vintage pillowcases!

But I'm thrilled to find pairs like these too of course!

Just a touch of color on an all white bed is delicious!

This Battenburg pair is not old, but still pretty with its machine done details.

It all makes for some pretty sweet dreams!

I hope it's turning out to be a beautiful new week for you!
So nice that you came by for a visit!


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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Impromptu Still Life

Everything on the patio seems to take on a life of its own this time of year. A bit taken for granted, I'm afraid. But even the neglected pots can take on a seasonal appearance. I'm kind of liking this failed pot of English Ivy.

I was taken by this view from the kitchen door that caught my eye in the early morning sun. Mr. C&C painted this dresser yesterday, and it spent the night airing out. I love the outdoor room that this unintentional scene makes where even the painted floor cloth adds to the ambiance.

This sweet dresser had a pretty good chippy pale pink paint on it that I wanted to respect, but in the end I felt it needed freshening up. I'm so glad I did!

Seizing the moment, while our random objects have come together so nicely.

Still wonderful weather here in the land of enchantment, as you can see!

Happy Sunday!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shabby Chic vs. Granny Chic

I think that the Queen of Shabby Chic might approve of  these adorable hand-painted tea cups. They look like something that might feel right at home around her place.

And this little Limoges dish could also serve as a model for her wonderful Shabby prints, don't you think?

It's the mark I'm always on the lookout for!

So shabby chic!

This wonderful windowpane apron hanging in my window today? Not so much.

Even though Rachel Ashwell has a place in Texas called the Prairie, this gorgeous antique apron is not really the sort of fussy thing you will find showcasing her style, or available on her website. But I'm going to stick my neck out here and call it prairie style!

Even the apron strings have a bit of old crochet on them! I spent a long time (months, in fact) debating with myself whether I wanted to keep the tea-stained condition in which I found the apron, which seemed more "farmhouse" to me, or to give it a soak. I think you can see which idea won out! 

All of these bits were priced at under a dollar at the flea market. Even though the little plate is not a saucer, I think they look wonderful in my window together!

Isn't that hand painting wonderful? And you can see right through the porcelain.

This apron would make a beautiful curtain in the right little window. . . .

Alongside the teacups was this sweet little sugar bowl. It's obviously the same pattern, but it had a little different maker's mark from the rest of the cups.

I just LOVE the color combination, including that pale yellow stripe at the rim. So cheery!

Now, this little doggy figure that I found at the same time (and who stole my heart) brings this vignette all the way to granny style! (I qualify on all counts anyway!) It's been a long time since I added a little pup to my collection. And I just love the viney fence behind him!

And there you have it! Granny chic! Though this isn't my main decorating style, you will find it tucked secretly away here and there around my place. . . .

because a sweet little dish can just make my heart sing!

The days are just flying by!

So many fall weekend events coming up to choose from!

Happy days ahead!

So nice that you stopped by!

Granny Jacqueline 

; 0)