Monday, May 25, 2020

Roses For Remembrance

Our climbing roses were all yellows and reds when I was a girl. They always covered the wide expanse of the stucco walls and hung over in profusion when they first bloomed in spring. 

By Memorial Day there was plenty to gather in honor of those who had passed on, and whose resting places we ritually visited at the family cemetery each end of May . 

Naturally garden roses have a special association for me of this special day.

It is neither the reds nor the cheery yellows which capture my heart these days. But roses of any color belong to the occasion now, because I am certain that not a single Memorial Day has passed that I have not thought of roses right along side of those remembered on this day.

At times through the years remembrance can become a mere gesture. Especially for the young. And at others it is a time for deep feeling and appreciation. And how fresh an occasion for mourning this day arrives for so many this year. 

Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, I hope it is a day of peace and reflection. And of hope for better days ahead. . . .

From my garden to yours,


Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Little Patio Herb Garden

Our little herb garden got a bit of a later start this year. We had to round up what we could from several quick jaunts out to find the right plants from here and there. But we always seem to add on to things as the season wears on anyway. 

This little patio gets a bit of dappled shade throughout the day and subdues the intense afternoon sun in our hot and dry summers. It's perfect for little herb pots. Plus being right outside the door, we are easily reminded when a bit of timely watering is needed!

I am a bit of a collector of vintage garden pots and planters. Anything chippy, rusty and metal is hard to resist. Pretty garden ornaments add interest to any garden space, especially those with a bit of age for romance.

There is a friendly mix of pots this year. (We mostly just use what we already have.) And we also added a bit of whitewash on some of them to soften the look.

I love having a few vintage watering cans around too. Besides being handy, they also add so much character! They are always filled up again at the end of a watering session so they are ready to grab at the first sign of need in between.

I have had this iron "cloche" for a few years and sometimes think of replacing the glass it once had. (There are tabs in place for that.) But I just like its sculptural appeal.

And I'm always on the look out for the odd pot stand at markets and yard sales too.

I honestly never met a metal garden chair that I didn't like!

A newer Italian pot keeps company with an old McCoy. And that metal orb just makes me smile.

A few indoor plants take a summer vacation out here too, like my Oxalis and a new English ivy.

Can never have too much fresh basil!?  Such a pleasure to watch it grow.

There are a pair of those little rusty antique iron pots. They don't even need to be planted to add a little garden ambiance.

The rest of the patio still needs a little dressing, and it's almost time for the patio umbrella to be added to the table before it gets too hot.

But it seems like we are just about ready for some leisure early mornings out here to start our summer days. They always go by so fast!

Thanks for visiting our little corner of the world!

I hope you are finding beauty in yours!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Finding Comfort in Collections

I just made the smallest shift in the arrangement on top of my dining room display shelf. For we compulsive arrangers it can be the best kind of therapy. But in truth, there is no stopping it anyway! We can't keep our hands off of things. And if we aren't arranging things physically, we are doing it in our heads.

Some people listen to music to soothe themselves. The shapes and patterns of my china and linens, and the rythm of my collections does it for me.

And entering the light-filled spaces of my rooms first thing in the morning just starts the day right! 

This little McCoy pottery hand tray is new to the rotation. Her reason for being is simply to look pretty while holding things; pins, earrings, coins. My mother had these little dishes all over the place full of the most unlikely stray objects that never seemed to find a proper place of their own. It drove me to distraction! Today she holds stray tallow berries.

I am also a creature of habit and tend to use the same favorite tablecloths over and over, so I went hunting for something different that I haven't put to use in a while. I can't seem to part with these gorgeous white on white embroidery cloths that are less practical for daily use. But just having them in a stack to admire for a change gives me a lift too.

A little lace peeking out can soften a day. . . .

And I will soon have a few white garden roses to add to this still-life!

This is the cloth I finally chose for the table. So perfect for spring with the lily pads and dragonflies. What a joy it must have been to make!

 I always layer smaller pieces over larger and plainer ones. I use these cotton drop cloths for millions of things.

I have admired this English ironstone creamer and sugar set by Meakin for years until I found a set of my own last year. Such a pretty little design.

Having a bit of Stafforshire here and there adds to the story.

The little berry creamer hasn't a maker's mark, but is probably English as well.

Finally, this sweet little tophy cup adds a little contrast to the group. It reads: "Best Hound, Cape County Fair Dog Show, 1925." Found for cheap at some long forgotton thrift store ages ago.

So that's the lineup for today!

How's your week going?

I hope you are surrounding yourself with a few happy things. . . .

So glad you stopped by!

'Til next time,