Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weathering The Big Holiday Storm In New Mexico

We are taking the advice of this sign in our neighborhood, and taking it slow and easy. Not much snow, but icy and below freezing. People are staying off of the roads. We are not equipped for a rogue storm like this in Albuquerque, but I have learned that a lot of folks think we have only warm weather year 'round here. We have all four seasons, but without much moisture, so snow is always a treat!

Our snowmen might take on a different appearance too! Here is a prizewinner by one of the Dads. About two feet tall and complete with an acorn cap, pyracantha berries for eyes, and a handlebar mustache!

Everything seems more fanciful in the snow. I never noticed how much my next door neighbor's house looks just like a gingerbread house at Christmas!

It's the frosting that completes the scene I think.

But the ornaments and the strung chili pepper pods (ristras) look for all the world like colorful candy against the gingerbread hued adobe walls. So cheery!

A late afternoon walk to the park supplies a pleasing twiggy centerpiece for the table.

All in all a rather pleasant way to weather the storm. We had different family cancel travel plans both before and after Christmas partially due to road conditions (sad face here). So we are making the best of it. Others have had so much more serious to deal with than we have. Blessings to those suffering hardship this holiday.

I never think of Christmas being over on December 25th. It goes on all week long in my mind as it did when I was a kid. So Happy Holidays again to you! I'm going to keep stretching it out slowly and enjoying every last crumb until the New Year!

Merry Christmas!
 And a Happy New Year!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Freshening up the Greens

My amaryllis finished blooming and I wanted to replace it with another. But when I saw all the cheery poinsettias everywhere I chose one of those instead! I have surprised myself with how much red I am enjoying this season.

The visiting has commenced, and gathering around the fireplace with the lights turned low makes for a wonderful atmosphere. Between the lit candles, the twinkling tree lights, and the firelight, one can almost imagine a Christmas from long ago. Try it out! It is remarkably soothing.

We watched "It's a Wonderful Life" last night, and I have watched "Little Women" on my own. I'm behind on a few things because I have just let myself relax into the atmosphere this year. I seem to think that I always do that, but there is a qualitative difference this year.

When I went to the nursery this weekend, all the greens were already gone! They won't be replacing them. So I just added a little something to my mantel instead. Maybe I will search the florist for more of the fresh smell of evergreens that I crave this time of year. There's always a tree lot, or a walk in the woods!

I also get a little thrill from the arrival of the Winter Solstice. You would think that living in such a sunshiny state that it wouldn't matter so much. But I always love the thought of the days starting to get longer again!

So many sights, sounds, and tastes left to experience as we lead up to Christmas Day! 

I hope you are able to settle in and enjoy it all!

I may have a chance to wish you Merry Christmas a time or two more before it arrives, but just in case, here's another Merry Christmas to you! And a Happy New Year!!!


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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Ghost Of Christmas Tables Past

I'm thinking about this year's Christmas table and taking inspiration from my tables past.

I may be ready for more holly if I can find some.

Old Christmas cards make great place cards.

An old quilt makes a wonderful warm statement placed underneath,

Plenty of ideas to choose from. . . .

From a Christmas morning brunch. . .  to a dinner by firelight!

So many ways to delight!

Should I go for a calmer color palette?

Or go traditional?

One of my all time favorites!

It'll be a big weekend for parties and gatherings. . .

I'm ready for all the goodies!

How about you?

I hope it is a wonderfully festive week coming up for you!

Kids will be out of school, and we have family starting to arrive on the weekend.

Getting so excited!

Happy Holidays to you!


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