Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treasures & Tips From Blogging Buds

Friends don't let friends drive. . .

past Michael's craft store! Our good blogging buddy, Bella, of Bella's Rose Cottage gifted me with these Treasures by Shabby Chic, and alerted me on where to find more. What are friends for?

Darling little gift enclosures just in time for Easter!

 The sweetest thing to happen to me all week! Notes, pads, pens, all in gorgeous Rachel Ashwell designs. I went looking for them at Target, but they're at Michael's instead. (Not my usual haunt.)

I also recently picked up a copy of Coming Home after coming across Alison's (Stuff and Nonsense) post on Rosamunde Pilcher from two years ago! (Well folks, that's about my speed.) Alison says RP is her favorite novelist of all time. I'm not much for contemporary novels, but I'm going to give it a go!

I've been off the blog and not visiting as much lately, and have some catching up to do! Thanks so much for all your oh-so-cheery comments and visits, I'll be getting back to you!

Spring is good here!
 I hope it is for you too (OR SOON!).


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dry Goods

Somewhere, nested deeply in the DNA of every man and woman, is the recorded thrill of the General Store. Like phobias and deep seated fears, a few irrational joys are likewise seeded in the beds of our cellular memory. It's the only explanation. . . .

Notions and potions. Fabrics and threads. Tools and seeds. The potent rewards of emerging intact through the frozen winter. To ride into melting spring, and a shop dripping with the pleasures of answered needs. . . .

No need to imagine the excitement. Some of us feel it all the time. That call to pretty buttons and lace and cards of every imaginable doodad. (Now it's just called Walmart.) Ah me. . . .

I hope you're all high and dry, and trekking out!


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitchen Antiques In Black & White

Fun weekend! I mean, pretty low key fun. Not Disneyland or anything. We made a few floaty tissue pom poms, and found a few fabulous things junking.  But hey, I'm pretty low maintenance. . . .

My favorite first! Mother-of-pearl and silver, cut crystal shakers. Happiness in a bottle! Or two! 

Child's play.

Maia's turned out looking like a rose!

Those button top shakers with a Big Ben by Westclock. Tick tock.

Artist at work.

Black & white ironstone transferware tray. Fun find!

One dollar's worth of happiness.

Antique tin mold. Such a lovely.

Monkey Ward's Family Scale! (Did your Dad call MW that too?)

I'm not sure whether to weigh my hours or time my sugar! Sew some salt? But that's just me in the chicken. I mean kitchen. And (hiccup) no, FYI, we didn't get into the cooking sherry. . . .

I hope you had a little fun this weekend too!
Have a great week!


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