Thursday, November 7, 2013

About That Paper Wreath . . .

The trickiest thing about making the wreath that I made and showed in an earlier post hereis finding the right paper. An old onionskin type tissue paper is essential. The type found in very old encyclopedias or dictionaries.

I found mine at a flea market. You can see just how old it is.

Even the tattered cover could be used for a future project.

The pages for my wreath are about 8x11, and make for a large full wreath. A smaller hanger with smaller pages would give a little different look. Foxing on the paper only adds to the wonderful vintage vibe.

I have also used an over-sized wire hanger, larger than the standard dimensions. I found a supply of these at a flea market as well, and use them mainly to display vintage linens. But you could use any sturdy wire shaped into a circle.

Just rip the pages from the binding. Taking a single sheet at a time, loosely fold the page lengthwise into an "S", in thirds, without creasing.

Pinch and crimp at the center of the page to make what looks somewhat like a bow, and place the center at the wire. Bring the two sides gently together and give one or two twists at the base to secure the sheet to the wire as shown below.

Begin at the hook of the hanger, and slide the twists firmly against the twisted wire to start. This provides a firm place to push the paper twists against to secure them.

As you work, press the twists tightly against each other at the base to hold them in place. (The hook at the top helps with this.) No gluing required. A few twists pressed together look like this.

Eventually the twists fan out to find their own direction surrounding the wire, but you may want to shape the "back" of the wreath to lie flatter than the "front" for hanging such a full wreath against a flat surface.

Continue until the wire is completely full and tight with paper twists.

Easy as pie!

 I found a smaller old dictionary on the weekend that I will be using with a smaller wire hanger. I'll post that one for you to see when I'm finished too. In the meantime, have fun!


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Thanks so much to Kerryanne for featuring my wreath on her blog this week!


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing this info, Jacqueline - one of these days I shall get crafty. I hope.

    Stop by, you may like my natural neutral fall stuff throughout the downstairs I recently posted about. You and I love our colourless worlds! : - )

    Big hugs.

  2. Oh, my!

    I think I must make a wreath.

  3. That is really lovely and you did a terrific job - the ultimate recycle!

  4. Really, it's a fabulous paper wreath and you are so kind to give us all the precious details for its construction. So simple and so impressive! The secret is in the quality of the paper but I think it's very inspiring all this...Thank you Jaqueline!

  5. Great tutorial Jacqueline! This wreath is so pretty. I remember our old encyclopedia Britannica set we had growing up and it's tissue thin pages. I bet it would be 100 years old now. Long gone. :)

  6. This is a fantastic and simple. Thank you for the amazing instructions. Andrea

  7. I wish I had the time right now to create one of those paper wreath. You did a great job showing us how to accomplish this

  8. I've seen these wreaths a lot and love them. Yours seem so much fuller ...I like that effect even though it takes a larger book and more time (I'm sure).

  9. Oh, thank you for sharing - the wreath is wonderful! xo

  10. That is truly beautiful! I want to make one, but just don't have the time right now. Looks time consuming!

  11. Oh goodness, this looks easy!! I love the look and have a ton of old books...Thank you


  12. I'd have to find a book like yours, I do love the wreath and how big it pretty.

  13. So pretty!
    This is wonderful...thank you for sharing. Now, because of your generosity...everyone can enjoy one of these beauties. :)

  14. Hi J,
    Well that really is as easy as pie (Mmmm) I am one of the ones who didn't know how to do it! I really like it has it's own built in hanger too:-) Lovely work!!
    Thanks for sharing your secret!

  15. OH this is pretty, Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your wreath! So good to recycle an old book that would be discarded. And no glue! I love it!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goood this is so lovely!
    I most trye it!
    Have a nice weekend Kathrine

  18. Just a beautiful wreath ... thanks for the tutorial. Looks easy. A "must" make.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. Great tips!! This wreath is so gorgeous!!


  20. Your posts are so pretty even the ones where you are showing us DIY.
    You made is seem easy. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks for posting this. I actually snagged an encyclopedia destined for the waste bin at the Senior Center and made one. It's pretty nice, although I will be looking for an even older book with thinner paper. They do turn out beautiful! Mine's hanging on my craft/office room for now. I want to find a wide brown velvety ribbon for a bow. Thanks again.

  22. What a clever idea.
    I think I could even make this one.

  23. This is awesome, can't wait to try it!

  24. Your wreath is beautiful Jacqueline. It looks like a lot of work though, or maybe I'm just really tired right now. It looks perfect with your decor.

  25. Lovely - definitely going on my project list!

  26. Hi Jacqueline- Thanks for linking this up to Friday Favorites. It's featured this Friday at
    Please join in fun this week! laura

  27. Thank you again for these directions, Jacqueline. I haven't come across a book, yet, but when I do you can be sure I'll be trying my hand at this wonderful project! Hoping you've been well.

  28. You mean you don't have to tie them on at all, just twist the paper around the wire?? It's cool! I want to make one. You have given me too many ideas, i need to stop reading your posts!


  29. Boy, did this bring back memories of my childhood! I remember making these wreaths in grade school and using tissue paper. They were beautiful! Add a glass Christmas ball ornament (or two or three) and you have some added festivity.

  30. thank you for the tutorial. even tho i did not have quite the right paper, mine turned out pretty good, for first try. =)
    I posted my effort on my FB page, and linked back to you.
    Hope you will get some new followers.
    Great blog.



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