Monday, July 29, 2013

Blue Ball Jars & Cheery Cottage Style

I found this sweet little Limoges plate this morning when I went to check on my booth. You could either look at finding something irresistible like this as an occupational hazard of  being in a vintage mall space, or you could see it as a great way to get paid! At any rate, it was it a pretty small price to pay.

I make other stops along the way in order to save on gasoline (really), and sometimes get even more of a payoff like I did today with a cheery matching Laura Ashley pillow and quilt at a good price. They coordinate beautifully with my Rachel Ashwell boudoir pillow don't you think?

The cover and pillow were bundled together, and I thought the reversible quilt might be a twin. But it turned out to be huge, and might even work as a coverlet on a king sized bed! Everything coming up roses!

Believe it or not, I'm fairly selective about the linens I pick up these days. I'm influenced by price and condition, of course, but also by rarity and unique charm. This wonderful heavy cotton laundry bag made the cut!

Darn cute!

Finally, I also managed to find the reproduction blue Ball jars I went looking for at Lowes! Such a pretty color! Like little blue jewels!

What a cheery vintage start to the week!
I hope yours is off to a great start too!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Creamy Roses & Baskets in the Window

My beautiful cream roses have finished drying in the bucket I first placed them in, and in which I first featured them in an earlier post here. 

They are a lovely nameless variety that I find randomly at Costco now and then. They dry slowly with a wonderful texture and I always want to save them. They ended up in a smaller zinc bucket hung on the wall by a window where I can still enjoy them for awhile.

I have a few baskets lined up on a bench in the same place for now. It's the nature of baskets that they never stay in the same place long.

Clustered mostly empty together they make a sort of basket bouquet of their own.

This vintage wicker flower basket nestles a different kind of rose in its arms.

The vintage Limoges plates are a fleamarket find from earlier in the spring.

 I featured them with my own garden cream roses in an earlier wedding post here. Maybe I will always think of them together. . . .

I found that a handy nail already under my sconce holds my rose bucket easily. It may stay here for awhile.

We had the most dramatic electrical storm that I have ever seen that lasted for hours over night! We are all groggy from it this morning. It's rain we have badly needed, and so we are all very grateful. 

So nice that you stopped by to smell the roses! 
Happy weekend!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Linen Love

My mother first taught me to embroider in the summertime. It was already on the wane as a domestic art then, but I remember enjoying watching her work progress and the beautiful job she did. This is the only sample of hers that I have left. A wedding present to me. A set of  "His and Hers" pillowcases was somewhat of a tradition for weddings in her day, and it's always fun to see an old worn set appear somewhere in a shop now and then. I have put mine away and no longer use them in order to preserve them, but they are kept with the linen and put on display now and then.

I've been spending a bit of time in the linen room, which is a guest room/nursery near the laundry. The ironing board is always set up when there are no guests, and so it's convenient to smooth out cottons and linens fresh from the wash.

It's one of the most pleasant things to do in summer next to an open window on a cloudy afternoon. I took a few shots of what's at hand over the ironing board while a little thunder rolls outside. The storm won't last long. . . .

Fresh little hankies. I look for ones with all my big and little girl's initials. "E" is an important one! (Emily, Emilea, Emma, Eva, and Erin.) So old-fashioned.

More pillowcases.

A small tablecloth.

The quilt underneath is not old, but one of my favorites that gets lots of use. So soft and cozy! I love it when working with pretty linens is part of my day! So soothing!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cottage Bed Linen & Creamsicle Dreams

I spotted a new set of vintage pillowcases on my way through the shop the other day. They are closer to the colors I like than others I have, and they reminded me of this vintage sheet I have had for awhile in the same hues. I knew they would look scrumptious together.

The fabric and crochet work look and feel almost new so there is still plenty of wear left in them. And they're so cottage cheery!

I love the look of a rumpled bed, don't you? Especially in summer. Like there's so much fun waiting ahead that you just jump out of bed in the morning and do nothing more than fling the covers back!

I have had this thing for creamsicle ice cream bars lately too. Remember those? I actually went looking to find them when my little girls were here for Granny Camp, but couldn't find them! Such a wonderful flavor memory from childhood summers. . . .

But that's what these linens from Pottery Barn remind me of. When I first spotted them at Goodwill I thought "not really my color scheme," but then I saw the price and thought again. An all cotton twin set with matching pillowcases for summer creamsicle dreams!.

Love the mix and match combo. So cottage!

The big pink stripe Euro sham is vintage too.

Who wouldn't want to flop right here for a nice cool nap?
Dream on. . . .

Hope you're having a great week!


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