Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inspiration in Progress

Where would I be if I had to wait until a room was done before blogging about it? And what is "done" anyway? I have been trying out a few things for the new guest house though, and thought I would share my inspirations, momentary as they may be.

A vacant space like this guest room is a fun place to try out a few things that might not work for me elsewhere. Besides playing with all the vintage bed linens, a host of accessories parade through helping to shape my thoughts on what I want for this room. A bit of blue trim on an enamel pitcher makes it a little extra special, and is perfect for flowers. A bouquet would be the kind of finishing touch I would like to picture here, but I couldn't wait! The teeny stool with the old green and cream paint (which I found only yesterday) is helping me lean toward the colors I want.

Bedding does so much to define a room and is so easy to change for a whole different look. I'm thinking it's going to be summer cottage style in this corner for a few weeks even though I sort of started with something more formal. More "tryouts" are plopped on top of the bed.

It's still a little monastic at present while I figure out what to do with some major quirks in this rented antique house. Especially the walls. 

There is plenty of room for more on this chippy old ladder next to the bed, but today she wears a beautiful antique apron that just happened to be standing by. It's just the sort of thing that I love hanging around the place. An antique cotton fabric with old machine lace and a woven counterpane pattern. It has a lovely wide ruffle along the bottom, and just begs for something sweet propped inside the pocket.

The angel art I have hung inside the niche (many old adobe houses in New Mexico have them) is a photo by artist Mikel Robinson whom I have featured here before. And yes, there are indeed a few plaster cracks decorating the walls of this hundred year old house, the first school house in my old Albuquerque neighborhood. (The first jail is only two doors away, and the lovely old dance hall, currently up for sale, is just a small jaunt a little further on).

Vintage dotted Swiss may work for curtains. . .

And a darling little quilted glove box complements the soft garden theme that I am leaning toward.

So sweet!

This vintage botanical print Florentine tray with a cream background has most influenced my vision for this space. It will be displayed with other garden themed objects on the built-in shelves on the opposite side of the room. So much to do!

No headboard for this trundle bed in the name of flexibility, and to keep a more spare appearance.

I have fashioned a wide bolster from a plain grain sack for the head of the bed instead.

The antique looking pillowcases with buttons are actually from Ikea. Wish I had more!

The folded sheets are part of my vintage hand worked bedding collection.

A recent chippy night table find has pretty details, including two book or magazine pockets on the ends. I'm still working out what lamp will end up here.

And so that's me thinking out loud! But I don't have much more planned for this room. A spare "spare room" lets you go with your imagination and leaves plenty of space for dreams.

I hope you find time for a few summer daydreams of your own this week!
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Friday, June 24, 2016

Garden Style At My Doorstep

Hello again! I hope you are enjoying summer! I have been wanting to share what I am up to with you but life will not stop moving long enough for me to get pictures!

We have only just now swept up this patio to enjoy in the mornings. Any other time of day has been too hot. We have just passed through a scorching heat wave that is finally on the wane for awhile.

A few sunflowers make me feel like I am having a summer in Tuscany. Is there anything more iconic?

I have also popped this boxwood into a nice big vintage zinc tub to dress things up out there. Boxwoods have really done well for us in pots even in the 
hot weather.

I still love the look of vintage garden furniture too. I don't think I could ever have enough. I'm not a very good gardener, but I sure love garden style!

I have managed to sneak in a little flea market shopping and found this cheery old chippy drawer. I think it makes a fantastic prop if I ever get back to arranging vignettes again.

The antique handle makes me swoon. And don't you just love the color?

I also finally set up a little fountain that I picked up last spring for the patio. I was hoping that the sound of water would attract a few birds. It isn't placed well for them to come to drink though.

Can you believe I found something so Cabin & Cottage looking? 

Makes me feel so cheery!

When my little girls come to visit I love to make a stop at the local nursery. Anything involving water, and the kids are all in! 

We got some fresh herbs for a doorstep garden. Unless the plants are right under my nose I forget to water them! And right under my nose is exactly where I want them to be anyway!

The girls took some little pots home with them too.

I have had this round vintage metal garden stand for a lot of years because I like it for display. But now it works perfectly for scooting plants around in and out of the sun in the crazy hot weather. A couple of old water cans are kept full by the front door.

My computer has been on the fritz and I had to upgrade it to windows 10 after putting it off for a very long time. I also decided it was time for a new model, so I have been tied up a lot learning how to blog again with my new systems! So that is also a part of what I have been up to.

I hope you have been enjoying all the summer things that you love to do! We have done a ton of family outings already. So much left to do!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, June 10, 2016

Doing June

Hello friends! June is busting out all over, and I feel a little like I have been shot out of a cannon. So far we have already been camping, been on the road to visit family, brought sweet girls back to granny camp, and entertained two sets of family so far with more arriving today. All since Memorial Day weekend! 

We arranged an impromptu Brambley Hedge picinic in the park. All that's required is some wicker hampers, colorful quilts, and a hodge podge of sandwiches, fruit, and tea cakes. A relaxing picnic late in the afternoon satisfies all age ranges. Gazing up awhile at the blue sky and swaying leaves under a bit of breeze just soothes the soul. 

I introduced my young granddaughters to the singular pleasure of a lunch sandwich wrapped up in waxed paper. Something that they had never heard of from an era before plastic. They especially loved tying them up with the baker's twine.

And snickerdoodles are just as fun to bake with a box mix from the grocery store! Yum!

We have hiked in the cool mountain breezes, checked out the local fishing lakes, and done quite a bit of snail hunting right in our own back yard.

 "Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns."
--Marty Rubin

I am even doing some very light summer reading! The Little Beach Street Bakery, by Jenny Colgan. Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique introduced me to the author, and reading it it reminds me of being a girl out of school for the summer and visiting the local library every weekend.

Hope you're having lots of your own summer pleasures!

So glad you stopped by!


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