Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Making Room For Romantic Style

I am looking forward to spring, and indulging the more romantic side of cottage style lately. I tend to swing between a mix of styles on a regular basis anyway. 

I also went sort of off script and bought this whimsical gardeny themed wall art that I saw on Amazon. I don't do much large scale whimsy in my decorating, but it is so cheery and has every garden fantasy I possess in one image. 

As usual I have been trying things out in the nursery/guestroom. This room has the most sunny window in the morning and so a lot of plants get revived for a spell in here now and then. I sometimes put on the spa music and pore over my books and magazines for a moment or two of reviving myself! 

I forage fleamarkets for anything garden this time of year too, and just found this darling little plant stand. A few McCoy vases show for now, but I love using a garden stand on a table to serve from or for displays. A shame to cover it up with too many plants! Haha!

These are the latest bits of linen and laces! I just love the creamy color, and the crochet trim on things.

Nothing more romantic than lace! The one in front is an especially old shawl. 

I also found a couple of old wooden hotel hangers for two bucks each. I have even visited San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara! These are full of old romance with the perfect patina. 

This space may be very small, but it has held many big dreams. . . .

Happy days ahead!


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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Familiar Things For a Winter's Day

Hello Friends! It's almost Valentines Day and so I am sending you all the love!

It has been a long while since I checked in here, but as you will soon see, not much has changed.

I think I mentioned that I have a new camera, so this is a very experimental post. I always want things to be simpler than is possible, and I don't want to spend the time it takes to learn new gadgets. But things finally reached critical mass and I think I made a breakthrough!

I just started with what is right in front a me as a subject, but there are always one or two new things of course.

 I am so proud that after two years my Oxalis shamrock is still alive! It went completely dormant, wilted, and lost all it's growth just before Christmas. I panicked! But I read up and learned that due to conditions that this is kind of normal. I repotted, got it a sunny window, and you wouldn't believe how fast it all came back. I'm just so pleased!!

This little embroidered runner is new to me and makes me almost as happy as my resurrected plant.

I use my few seed sacks in a ton of different ways, and always have them ready nearby too.

And a couple of mustard pots still line the shelves.

And pitchers in a row. (I would need detailed instructions on how to live without those...)

There have been so many dark days that I decided to leave my lighted birch trees up a while longer. I brought them home from the shop and still couldn't find the heart to put them away. There have been so many houseguests of late that I find they are a lovely way to light the way in an unfamiliar place. A gentle night light emanating from the center of the whole house. 

There are only small changes to the top cupboard shelf. Sometimes I just want to look at something different!

These little brown baby boots are new here and cheery as all get out! And after a very long time of longing I managed to get a few sprigs of tallow berry to decorate with. They are not native here, but I love the way they look in vignettes.

The days whiz by. Folks come and go. Before we have a chance to look up we have turned another year older. I find that I don't change things up as often as I used to, and love the sameness of things more. At least in the wintertime. . . .

I hope that this finds you surrounded by all that you love too!

Cheery days ahead to you!