Monday, May 26, 2014

The Last Days of May

It seems like a good day for cherry blossoms although the kiddos have been picking the actual cherries all weekend. The blossoms are on my china tea set which I have brought out to the table for the first time in a while.

A sweet bouquet of mixed roses from the garden sits in the center, and we have layered some pretty linens around it.

I have put an vintage applique dresser scarf over the tablecloth, and I am using the smaller doilies that match as tea napkins. I adore the darling morning glory motif that someone has expertly embroidered on it. The set was two dollars at the thrift store in perfect condition!  Cheery as all get out with that damask raspberry colored border underneath. . . .

I always get asked about the china pattern when I show this tea set, so I have shown the maker's mark a little further down below. It's a vintage set that I have inherited, and have never seen another.

 Seems like we are spending a lot of time on the patio these days!

I hope you are enjoying these last sweet days of May!

A happy week to you whatever you're up to!


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Antiques Shopping in Santa Barbara!

There's plenty of bling and glamour to go around at the Antiques Center Mall on Hollister street in Santa Barbara, California. I always try to stop in here when we visit family. We are only in town for a short visit, but everyone asks, "Will you do some shopping?" No time, I say. Last thing on my mind. . . But here it is calling out to me. Right across from our favorite coffee house...


I have to say this was my best visit ever! It's a large, well run mall that always has plenty of what I like. China, linens, garden antiques, and the unexpected. Loved this beautifully upholstered Victorian chair!

I fell too much in love with this lovely quilt in one very nice booth.

I always make a beeline to this corner of the mall that always has a wonderful mix of old and new, and everything trendy. I bought an unusual French mustard jar that will show up on the blog soon. But what's not to love here, I ask you?

A new dealer in the mall was offering this wonderful hotel silver and luscious large dinner napkins, so well displayed. And so tempting! Just look at it gleam!

But I couldn't pass up this "Company G" presentation tray from 1901. . . . Oh my. . .

My final favorite spot was this very Frenchy booth with lots of wonderful inside. Just have a look ! 

I so wanted this fab zinc pitcher, but a bit too huge!

Lots of lovely greys and French blues. . . .

C'est magnifique!

Exciting, yes??? So lucky to have a few minutes to pop in!

Now we're back home, with family in for the weekend. The official kick-off for all the summer activites! 

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on our little rose garden! So encouraging. I'm so glad you had a moment to stop by for a visit. Have a wonderful holiday weekend wherever you are!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Desert Roses

We inherited all of the rose bushes you see here when we moved into our little brown house many years ago, so I can't tell you their names. But they are a fragrant and hardy bunch. 

We aren't gardeners, and until a couple of years ago these beauties have been left pretty much on their own. In fact a couple of them have reverted back their wild state.

After pruning a couple of summers ago, they are coming back to life. But I still think "spindly" when I see them. But maybe that is the nature of a tea rose, which some of these are.

This variety is the one I featured in a bouquet on a tablescape in my last post. It has more blooms than ever this year.

I had no plan when I snapped these photos other than to document the garden at its peak. No time to stage anything more.

So I'm sharing them on their own in their plain and honest beauty.

This is the only bloom so far this spring for this specimen.

But this climber, with it's vibrant mixed color, is this year's prize winner. (In a very modest pageant, mind you.)

The blooms have stayed a long time. So cheery every morning!

This very forgiving rose came from Costco (I think) a couple of years ago.

On the south side of the house in full sun, it's plainly getting what it needs.

And that's the end of our little Sunday Rose Show! 

(Don't you love the little point at the edge of the petals on this pretty little rose?)

I hope it's a lovely day for you!


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