Friday, July 25, 2014

Nursery Linens

We have a family reunion coming up next week. For some time now I've been thinking of the old nursery and needing to find more room. The youngest "babies" are now five years old, and the beautiful oak crib has fulfilled its reason for being.

For a while now it's been the dolly space, the domain of stuffed rabbits and bears, and a landing for stray pillows. 

I was already a grandmother when our youngest left home. So we freshened up the paint and got nursery furniture for the vacant room. The only thing we kept were the flourescent stars that my son had left on the ceiling overhead.  

We dubbed the room "the nursery," and many times little visitors have gazed up at the stars after lights out to begin their starry dreams. But yesterday the little oak baby bed went to a new home. . . . 

I got busy rearranging and changing things up. It's funny how suddenly the same four walls can feel so different! 

Most of the mementos in this space are not from my own love-lings. They are merely ceremonial. A nod to the joys of mothering. I love the way these old worn white leather baby shoes are in vintage fashion these days, for instance.

A few remnants of the old nursery will stay here for a little time more. (A wee seersucker pinny, pink rick-rack on handkerchief linen, a little pearl button.) 

But the girls want a dressing screen. And I'm thinking of a wide gilt mantel mirror hanging on the wall over the bed, with ladylike vintage things hanging on hooks underneath. An elegant Frenchy style for the girls to grow into. . . . 

There will be new carpet, new furniture, new paint. After all of this time, a few of the stars on the ceiling fall off now and then. But we will leave them still faintly glowing overhead for dreams. . . .

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hunting For Ivory

Honest to goodness, the moment I laid eyes on these canvas covered leather suitcases the first thing I thought of was "safari." I've seen luggage covered like this in a movie or magazine somewhere. Maybe a Ralph Lauren ad. But, come on. This is Albuquerque.

London. Chicago. New York. That's what these babies say. But now they are saying it to me!

Now I want to go right out and have covers made for all my luggage. I would show you the pristine leather underneath but you've seen it all before. And anyway this is a post about ivory! Hunting for the COLOR.

In truth, I am hunting for white and ivory every time I go out. It's a thing of mine. Perhaps you have noticed. And I had a lot of luck yesterday!

One of my happy finds was vintage string. Just a little bag of it for three dollars. But I have never seen this kind before. A large spool of flat woven ivory cotton. Beautiful.  

For now I have my slipcovered luggage sitting near my slipcovered furniture. I just want to look at it a while.

And while I do, I'll model a few other ivory finds on top for you.

A new ironstone pitcher and cereal sized vintage bowl in creamy ivory.

I am always on the hunt for these ivory and black marmalade jars, and I found one yesterday. It was the only thing I found to bring home in a very large and very iffy market. Five dollars.

An ivory still life.

Mr. Cottage says these would be fun to drink from. I think he's catching on to this vintage thing!

I also fell for these handsome ivory paper bags from Jeanne d'Arc Living. I wish I had a ton of them! Nice for gift giving or any old thing. Maybe I will frame one. Looks good just hanging!

There are two sizes.

And finally, I turned up three lovely grain sacks in ivory, though it took a good soak to get them clean. They are the size of a standard size pillow, and of heavy muslin with a wonderful texture. (They would be sensational on safari.)

An old toss away jar of crockery.

A bit of old rugged cloth.

And a bundle of string.

Almost as good as safari! (Well, not really. . . .)

But I hope you enjoyed hunting for ivory!

Bon voyage
 & happy hunting!


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