Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Favorites & Familiars


Turning a leaf to October has me browsing around in my old autumn posts. I have a few favorite images here. 
 October is a month for old "familiars." While I'm not much for celebrating or decorating for Halloween, I am amused at how often this term comes up in classic literature, so I'm passing this on from Wikepedia:  In European folklore, "familiars" were believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. They would often appear as an animal (a witches cat).
When they served witches, they were often thought to be malevolent, while when working for cunning folk (don't you love that term?) they were often thought of as benevolent. The former were demons, the latter were thought of as fairies.
Now you know. . . .
 But I hope you just enjoy a few familiar scenes from fall. . . .




I hope all you cunning folk are enjoying a few familiar fall scenes too!
Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Such lovely images, Jacqueline! I love that Autumn poem by Keats in the Edwardian diary. (And I think I've told you before I have that same brown and white transferware tureen! I keep my eggs in it on the kitchen counter.) All your 'familiars' are so pretty and warm. The brown and cream. The marbelized book covers. All perfect for Fall!

  2. You just know how to display things so well !!
    I am in love with those lace curtains.

  3. I can't believe it's October already! I love your post with lots of brown. Your dishware is so pretty.

  4. Hi J,
    I always love taking a walk down memory lane with you, cause I see lots of my favorite here too:-) Wow 2010, we have been down a long road together, time is flying... 2013 will be knocking soon. Happy Fall goodness:-)

  5. Brown transferware whispers fall like falling leaves to me. Lovely post Jacqueline.

  6. If I am "cunning" enough...I could talk you into sending me that fabulous pile of white linen!!!
    Are they bedspreads???
    Just saying!!!

    Linda :o)

  7. You sure know how to make 'beautiful' happen. Love the transferware plates. And the whites' are so so lovely. I forget...are we ok to 'pin' to pinterest from your lovely photos?

  8. Beautiful. Especially like the stack of white chenille!

  9. im in love with that curtain too! its beautiful =)

  10. Lace curtains always get my attention. I love the colours and the textures in this post. So rich and so gorgeous.

  11. Lovely images Jacqueline. So serene. x

  12. I gotta tell you that we love Santa Fe and are thinking of doing a ski season there when I retire. If we do, I am going to come stalking you because I love, love, love everything you post.

  13. Dear Jacqueline,
    Your October/Autumnal images are some of the most beautiful that I have seen and they are all your own too. I love them because they are no the usual orange and red images that we always see but of your own beautiful things.
    ...... and, many thanks for your lovely comment today. XXXX

  14. So many beautiful images, Jacqueline! I would have difficulty selecting a favorite! :)
    Happy October,

  15. Just your brown transfer-ware :o)

  16. Beautiful photographs. Love, love your transferware. You are so talented. Great camera.

  17. Gorgeous. Pretty curtains. Haven't seen those before (if you posted, sorry I missed them). On the previous post, I would love to have the duffle bag. I don't know what I'd do with it but I love blue one.

  18. Such lovely inspiration, Jacqueline!
    Mary Alice

  19. Hi Jacqueline. I wasn't around last Fall so I'm really glad you showed some of what you did. You could show them again next week, and I would still enjoy them. You know me! Very well done as usual, you cunning little girl..Happy Thursday..Judy

  20. It is all beautiful Jacqueline! Loved the lore. Your photos are just lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  21. Where do you buy your beautiful white fabrics ? Your pictures and home are beautiful !

  22. This is all so lovely! I am so tired of all the mass produced fall decor and I have just been craving seasonal simplicity, vintage treasures and treasures from nature. I am enjoying looking back through your older fall posts for inspiration. Lovely and moving as I remember them from the first read years ago!



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