Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fairy Tale Pink Tea Party

 I like the fanciful world you can create on a table. And nothing lends itself more to fancy than Christmas! I also like tablescapes because you don't have to commit yourself to anything. Putting a table together is not like painting a wall, or buying furniture. You can create a whole world for a single occasion, try things on like you do with a costume box, and decide what you may want to keep more of in your life.

My sugar plum sweet tooth seems to need feeding at least once in the wintry season. This time it's pink flavored, and all set for tea.

A few flocked trees make for a small forest centerpiece, and scattered tea lights add to the glow. 

 A snowy cloth is the only table cover that will do here. A vintage French linen sheet drapes the table underneath, and a vintage damask cloth with a deep hand made lacy border is laid over.

 The gifts are wrapped in the same paper used for the vintage printed bundles at each place. The scene is set with delicate Limoges plates, and mixed vintage silver and crystal.

 A supply of traditional New Mexican anise sugar cookies called biscochitos fills my recent vintage biscuit jar find.

 A few silver and pink balls are stewn along the center too.


 A small vintage lace-trimmed linen round anchors the center and adds a bit more detail. I love the look of layered white linen!

 The ruffled linen napkins (Pottery Barn) are bundled together in my vintage pink enamel French tin to resemble a rose bouquet.

 A little coarse sparkling sugar, and a bit of tinsel on the base of my bottle tree forest finishes it off. White tissue fills in between the cake stand and a large ironstone basin. All we need now are a few tidbits and the fairies!




So that's festive pink as promised!
And it's not even December yet!
I hope everything stays in the pink for you . . . .
So much still to do.

Carry on, my friends!


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter White Linen


I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I enjoy getting back to my linen after I've been away for awhile. If you're a gardener or a cook you may have some idea of what I'm talking about. Too long away from the soil or the stove and you're glad to get back at it after a vacation.
 My linen collection is present everywhere in my home. It's like someone's knitting that you're always having to move before you sit down, or the sewing mess that's ever present, if you're into that sort of thing. I look at and change linen like some folks look at and change the TV.
 I always have stacks and racks ready here and there of pieces that I am considering, or have already considered using for a table or a cover somewhere. The samples here are all on current display in the dining room. 
 I'm getting a tablescape ready, and there are a few peeks at it here. When I finally get to putting it all together I have to try things on like you would if you were getting dressed for some special occasion. My table tells me what it feels like wearing today. Whatever gets left out of the action doesn't always get put away immediately. If ever.
I think my linen stacks annoy some folks the way dogs are annoying to non-dog lovers. When I was out shopping with my brother-in-law recently and saw some new napkins I loved he said, "Yeah, like you don't have enough napkins. . . ." I laughed pretty hard at that before considering hitting him pretty hard instead! But, I know, I know. . . .  I didn't bring more napkins home. . . . That time. . . .





Feel happy yet?
White does that to me too!
Ya'll have a happy White Wednesday now!

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