Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Clean Sweep of the Last Week of Winter

No snow for us, but if you look closely at the paving stones here, you may see that a misty spring rain has just begun to fall. These days I must seize the moments as they come for my blogging ventures!  But the low light gives me the feeling of looking into a diorama of my patio scene, rather than the real thing. It's only the first dust off and sweep up for the new season.

The recent burst of green has me staring out of my office windows for longer periods as spring unfolds. And the periwinkle blooms are among the first to arrive! Also called creeping myrtle, the vines grow over the warm pavement even in winter, especially as mild as it has been this year.

A hardy trumpet vine pretty much looks after itself in this corner as well. And a few sturdy geraniums will soon fill the empty garden pot.

My melancholy maiden will shortly have more color to brighten her day!

Having a few basic garden structures in place makes you feel like more is happening in a space than really is, and makes for a head start when it's time for filling in the patio with new spring plantings.

I can't tell you how many market umbrellas have come and gone though the years! They need looking after almost as much as a family pet! with our harsh New Mexico sunlight and unpredictable winds. Invariably at least once a year one will get spirited away by a ferocious whirlwind out of the calmest afternoon!

Potted hyacinth from the grocery give me something exciting to peek at over the coming days. I seem to only be able to tend plants that are right under my nose! I wonder what color they are. 

A few vines have begun festooning over the bird cage in celebration. Time to start luring a few wild birds into this space too. So thrilling when the first hummers arrive!

 Ready to launch a few afternoon teas as soon as the weather complies! I can't wait to sit down to goodies with a pretty vintage cloth fluttering lazily in the open air. 

Stay tuned!

I hope you are leading up to a lovely spring weekend ahead!

Marching on. . .


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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Springing Ahead

 We've been re-arranging and getting ready for spring at the shop. Still lots to do! But a break for taking a few shots of the new arrangement is in order. A great little cabinet with lots of cubbies can be so fun to arrange! My nest collection would look wonderful in here.

A cupboard full of dishware is the cheeriest thing in any season.

Pieces of linen and lace seem to peek out from everywhere. 

Blue and white china is so fresh looking for spring and summer!

I always feel so lucky to find a piece of ironstone when I am out and about!

A little oak washstand like this one can work well in so many settings. Classic farmhouse cottage style.

A few pieces of mix and match ironstone transferware.

A lovely vintage beaded bag. So romantic!

Net lace is always in demand.

An old flower basket is one of my favorites for displays.

Lots more tweaking ahead! But here are a few more favorite things. . . .

Don't forget to spring forward!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Four Spring Tablescapes

The first tablescape, "1930's Farmhouse,"  features vintage linens from the 1930's with a farmhouse vibe. Embroidered dish towels serve as napkins, and a vintage fruit print runner covers the table. Here.

A Simple Spring Table can be found at this link. It features script napkins and vintage glassware. Brown eggs and baby's breath make a fun seasonal centerpiece.

You might not think of brown transferware as a spring thing, but I use mine year 'round, as shown in a third post from three springs ago. Here's the link.

Hens, nests, and a few quail eggs give another nod to springtime.

Finally, tea happens at this delightful, mostly unplanned, tea party for a granddaughter's birthday one day while cousins were visiting during spring break. Mixed flowered china and pretty vintage linens steal the show. The link to an Impromptu Tea is here.

I hope you enjoy the look back!

Happy springing!


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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Farmhouse Bath

I just had both of my bathrooms painted, which was long overdue. That has me starting fresh and looking for fun accessories to add. I have kept some of the old favorites, but I love pretty bathroom stuff and always have to remind myself to keep things simple.

 A few French soaps and toiletries are gathered up in a wire tray next to the tub. It's a small room, so not a lot of space just "for show."

The perfect vintage towel hangs just above the tray.

In addition to the walls, we had the vanity and towel bar painted the same color: Behr Off White (that's the actual name). They used to be stained oak.


A few vintage touches get me started with the farmhouse look that I want. 

I really dislike the look of most common toothbrushes and so I order pretty bamboo and tortoise shell ones online from Amazon.

I even like the packaging! 

 For now, I have a vintage wood and wire hanger to store extra tissue paper.

I always need a few old linens for ambiance in the bath too!

It's all bare bones for now, but the white vanity makes the space feel bigger, and I am having fun hunting down the few things that I still need. 

The remaining wood tones keep the space from feeling too sterile with all the white. But I wouldn't mind an all white spa look either!

So, I'm off to shop!

Welcome to March!

Hope you're having a great week!