Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Threshold

I've lived here all of my life and have noticed that we often have light showers or the first dusting of snow at Halloween. Sometimes ill prepared for the sudden change in the weather while out trick or treating I would shiver through the flimsy material of my princess costume, or clown, or hobo, or hillbilly costumes, as they were mostly pulled together from something we already had at home in those days.

And despite the crazy changes we've had in the weather of late, the rain has come again this year right on cue. It blew yesterday, and the first leaves fell in a shower of their own, cascading and swirling such that even if you don't usually pay much attention you can't help but notice. Nature has that way with things.

One day you step out as usual, only to see the threshold littered with another season. At first the fresh colors have a stunning brilliance, but by just the next day they have become dull and brittle. (At least it happens that fast here in New Mexico.)

The drama lures us out to the already neglected landscape. I was sick, and then busy, and then it was no longer the time for lolling on a summer lawn.

I really do sink at the beautiful sight of the ivy turning red, because it means that it will soon be all gone, and the brown and bleak of this high desert town will take its place. My little brown house looks so sad in winter without her leafy crown.

Even the vines seem to reach out to take one last hold of each other before the last shiver brings them down.

But there are a few surprises tucked away and waiting for a fall inspection. One lone and brilliant rose soldiers on at attention in the garden. 

It chose a nice spot to hold sentinel, as the rain barrel makes a nice theater for one last shot before it's brought inside. . . . 

So another October passes by almost unnoticed but for this pause at the gateway. Tomorrow, on another Halloween, some young someone may insist that it's really not too cold, and that there's no need at all for anything extra over or under a thin costume. It will probably be a new themed outfit. Most likely purchased at the store. And I'm not saying that that's not all right. It's just that I can't help but notice. I know it's only the nature of things. . . .

So long October!
 See you again next year!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
 I'm looking forward to sharing another holiday season with you. . .


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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Going Batty~A Halloween Theme Table


Williams Sonoma offered this fun Skellie Toile that really appealed to me this season. You can see it better here. But I don't do Halloween decorating in a big enough way to justify something with such limited use. 

It was the natural science graphics with that vintage vibe that had so much appeal for me, so I decided that I would mimic the look on my table with a few images from an old encyclopedia. Bats for placecards, grass botanicals for paper mats, and a scattering of skeleton and crow images (page and all) for a runner along the center. Just imagine the variations that you could do with these themes! 

A fall damask cloth supports it all underneath, and vintage silver tops it off.

I'm using crystal stems and embossed white Rose Point vintage plates by Pope-Gosser, but casual settings would work just as well.

I added garlic (to ward off bad spirits), and a unique and cozy vintage tea towel embroidered in black that an old friend gave me a while back. You could take the theme as far as you want to go. Napkin rings would be cute. Or you can punch up the black. I prefer a more ghostly color.

Spooky cute!

Peel off the loose layers of your garlic for the sheeny finish underneath. 

Are you in for some spooky times this week?
Hope it's fun!


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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Lighter Side of Fall

It's a delicious dark morning here. I haven't checked the weather report lately so was surprised by a gentle drizzle overnight. The neighborhood has suddenly broken out into gorgeous color along the river. Nature is so kind to unfold her changes a little day by day to prepare us for what lies ahead. Or maybe it's just to prolong the delights. . .

I snapped this photo a few days ago as the morning sun hit the lace curtains and cast a soft light on the baby pumpkins which have become a new tradition.

These vintage nut bowls are hand painted, and only about three inches in diameter.

I am thinking a lot about our trip to New England last fall, and these rooms in the home of Robert Frost.

A good day to bundle up with a book, a cup of tea, and a few memories of autumn past. . . .

The Old Congregational Church, Bennington, Vermont.

The Four Chimneys Inn, Bennington, Vermont.

I hope you're enjoying fall wherever it takes you!


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